Remove the 1 minute leavers timer


Let’s be honest, this accomplishes absolutely nothing apart from interfering with our gaming time, especially when it comes to joining into games we don’t wish to be in, or we’re put into games that has like our 3rd or 4th class choice that we really didn’t want to play at the time (also adding onto the fact that if no-one was there to choice a hunter, then it’s generally left with the Tier1 hunter with 0 perks which is insanely annoying to deal with).

Looking at obvious games like CoD or Halo as an example, with these games you can quit and start searching for another game straight away, the developers didn’t seem to want to put up some random, un-needed “punishment” once a player leaves a lobby in their games. Match-making leaves a-lot to be desired and players are consistently put into games that don’t satisfy them. I’m personally tired of the whole joining, leaving, waiting a minute, search, join, leave, wait another minute scenario that I have to face on a consistent basis, the pain of the match-making could be so easily made better if this 1 minute timer was just thrown into the scrap-heap.


Please don’t mention Call of Duty (CoD) or HALO here.



Call of Duty. ^.^


It’s there so people don’t just leave matches like crazy. I don’t think modeling anything after CoD is the best idea.


Let the one minute timer in, however as often suggested an option to not play as monster (or hunter) should be implemented. If you check the mark that you dont want to play monster you’re getting a longer and lower priority place in the queue, however you get that what you want.

If i’m not in the mood to play monster i will not play monster regardless how often it puts me in a monster roll, i’ll quit anyway and search again.


I think the 1-minute is actually good. With the current system, if you’re able to rejoin immediately, chances are that you will rejoin the same game which is probably not what you want.


If I had my way, I’d increase it to ten minutes. People quit over the piddliest things.

Can’t have my first preference every time? Leave.
Got domed at Stage 1? Leave.
Monster hit Stage 3? Leave.

Actually, I’d make it 15 minutes.


I don’t have a problem in player hunter every now and then, but yeah, basically the only way for me to get to play monster is to first finish the hunter game I’m always assigned to first. I should be able to play a monster game right away…


you absolutely spoke out what i am thinking. @MacMan i hope you guys at TRS give this suggestion some consideration.

I often found myself in a position where I started Evolve to play some EVOLVE but closed the game without actually playing it because i got matched as a monster (on preference 5) several times in a row. Afterwards I usually swap to another game, that lets me play, what I actually want to play.

If you would create two different “queue options” (monster/hunter) this would have an additional positive effect:
You could create two seperate mmr and hence lower the psychological barrier that keeps some players from playing the monster. Just because you are a good hunter doesn’t mean your a good monster…



If you ditch a game/lobby you should take the 1 minute penalty. You should consider yourself lucky that the timer doesnt grow for all the games in a row that you ditch, like they do in dota2.


i still leave every game i put in as hunter. thats it. 60 seconds barring do not stop me.


I mean its ridiculous, especially with people leaving cos they get put as hunters and want to be monster. 9 times out of 10 in this instance you be given moster the game after… It has just been filled because the matchmaking makes sure there is a monster as often as possible. That person is just getting on with it and playing.

Your moaning your not getting a chance to play but the true limiting factor is your demands rather than the game letting you play.

It has to be a fair system so everyone will get given their number 1 at some point (hence the swapping system). To put in a system stopping people from being put as monster or hunter would split the matchmaking horrendously, especially considering parties have monster disabled.

Besides its good people are thrust into the monster role every now and then to allow them to practise.

Suck it up and get on that monster train!


I dislike you for doing that, but it still slows how many games you leave.


I think its better to discourage leaving.


I leave almost every game I get thrown into as monster… Which translates into like 40% of every match I join.

I’m not playing my 5th priority, I’ll play 1-4… 1 minute timer isn’t going to stop me, since either way; I’m forced not to have fun. :stuck_out_tongue:


in a word: no


i dislike you for disliking me. Tell me why i should be punished for wanting to play monster exactly?


All you have to do is finish up whatever match you joined in on and then let the game’s rotation put you in the role. I agree that when ranked play comes they’re going to need an option to queue only for specific roles, but in normal skirmish it works to everyone’s advantage just to play through it.


Uhm… Just saying, but Halo DOES have a penalty for leaving games. If you do it too often (or even lag out of games too often) you get put on probation, which lasts a week or two. Any time you leave a game during that period, you are delayed for 15 minutes.


Up until level 20 something I would only pick hunters because I was too chickenshit to play as a monster. I knew I would get my ass handed to me if I played as monster, simply because I had no experience.

I’m now on level 40 and am almost exclusively playing as a monster, simply because I love it. I did a lot of solo practicing (and thus leveling), that also helped.

At any rate I am not getting the least favorable role a lot, when I had monster on preference 5 I would get that maybe once every 10-15 rounds, which is fine imho