Remove Slim's Health Trail/ Limit Smell more in Spore Cloud


It makes ZERO sense to include. His ability to blind the monsters sense of smell is crushed by the fact that the monster will simply follow the green trail of death back to him…

It would not be considered op because Slim’s very existence is his limitation. The fact that he has to ENGAGE in combat to heal, will always put him in the monster’s danger zone, unlike the other medics who are recommended to stay away from the font lines when possible.

My other gripe is the use of spore clouds. Shouldn’t they also be able hide the scent of whatever’s in them even when the monster’s no there?

It’s not hard for monsters to quickly traverse quickly upward out of the cloud to get a good sense of hunter location for a second, then quickly barrel back down to my target.


The trails are not only to help resemble how the leech gun works, but also make it so the masking spore clouds aren’t too powerful against the monster player. It’s tough to see on it’s own but if you’re on a really dark map sometimes that little green trail gives you a boost to fight back.


But it SCREAMS of focusing on medic. Imagine this, your entire sense of smell has just been shot down, and the only thing that openly shows itself to you is the medic. The one, whose death, will cause the game to be a very quick one.


If the monster is good enough, Slim has to be played along the lines of Laz; keep your distance and your team has to be able to dodge and stay alive without constant heals. While you’re keeping your distance and a teammate is getting focused, spore cloud the monster then move in to heal your Conrad. Don’t stay too long because soon you’ll become the main target, just remember the spore cloud effects last for 10 seconds. While you’re fighting and healing count it down and at the 3 second mark, get away and get back to your safety spot. Try getting some friends to try out this strategy if you want it to work more efficiently.


More distance = Less heal

You’re not always going to have the luxury of having only one hunter being damaged. And you can’t play him like Laz because Laz doesn’t have to gauge time like Slim would with your strat. Hunters are always getting constant damage, why spend precious fuel to get to your allies, then saving it for when you’re getting focused.


The distance part does not matter. The leech gun works like Abe’s shotgun, the longer you take to shoot in between shots, the more pellets hit and for Slim, the more pellets that hit, the faster recharge rate you get. When you keep you’re distance, you’re not supposed to just shoot and spam your heals if it’s not gonna help the teammate being focused, you’re supposed to play more along the lines of a support at that point. You just watch and wait and when the opportunity comes, spore cloud then spam your leech gun and heals. Trust me, try this out and see if it works a little better for you. I think you’ll like it. Just make sure you’re with some friends or at least pubs that have mics and talk to ya. It’s a great strategy.


More distance= more spread= less pellet shot= less heal

Where’d you get that? From my knowledge it’s like a typical shotgun, Abe’s shotgun ability is special to him alone.


Macman said so himself. There was a thread that asked about how his leech gun worked and Macman explained it. I never said it wasn’t a shotgun type of weapon but this strategy does work if you and your team work together accordingly with one another. Just try it out man. I think after a couple rounds you’ll see how well it works.


Funny thing though, I don’t own any of the t4 huters :3

I just want more variety from the strong comps I face as monster.


You are incorrect. They are currently trying that in an internal build. But as of right now the Leech Gun does NOT act like Abe’s shotgun.


And there we have it, seems Slim’s a goner before even getting out of the dropshp.


What I like to do, the few time I play Slim, is I unload on a monster until my bust is ready, then pop a spore cloud. I don’t shoot the monster while that is going on for the exact reason you stated. I may pop one healing burst if the hunters are in trouble but the spore cloud helps them get some distance. When the cloud is gone or the monster moves out of it I continue firing. I use the cloud as a way to let us reposition with relative ease.


Ah I forgot, his rapid heal bursts help even MORE to find out his location, that constant circular spray of healing REALLY gives him out since the middle dark spot from where the burst originated always has slim in it.


Oh it’s not? My bad >~<


It’s worked well for me. I don’t think he’s a goner :stuck_out_tongue: