Remove skirmish mode focus the playerbase to hunt ranked mode, please!


All players who want to play serious Evolve are playing hunt ranked.

If people want to play Arena and so on they can do custom matches but dont split the playerbase more. If all poeple would play hunt ranked it would be awesome no waitng times a lot of players.

Someone agree with me?

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I think having unranked mode was a good idea. Some people don’t actually have others to make customs with, so removing skirmish sounds like an awful idea.


Supply and demand.

You want to play ranked? Fine, but you will have to wait in line.
Want to find matches more often? Go Skirmish, but you won’t have ranked.


But I like Skirmish…It’s nice when you don’t want to go tryhard…


I like playing characters in not as good at in skirmish. I’m not very good at assault compared to people in my rank in ranked mode, so if I want to play assault without angering people I go to skirmish.

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I don’t play ranked because every lobby crash, Device Hung Error or some random bullshit will count as loss. And I don’t enjoy waiting time over 10 Minutes as Monster. Not sure about other people

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I just want an unranked Hunt mode, isolated from Skrimish and isolated from ranks. That too much to ask for?


Don’t worry, the hackers in there will have no levels or ranks


Low blow :stuck_out_tongue:



Either way its probably a 10m wait for both


Nope, I want Skirmish.

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I like playing skirmish for when I don’t have a full team to play with in ranked. I like it, it’s a bit more casual.

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I want to play monster sometimes but 2.0 takes way too long. Skirmish lets me be able to find matches more often. It’s not a challenge because I get paired with low levels and non-premades, but at least I can stretch my wings…

There are still apparently more monsters than hunters in 2.0 even with skirmish. It’s not really changed anything…

Also, you’re dead wrong about that fixing the waiting times. There’s a 4 to 1 ratio of players needed. For every monster you need 3 more hunters. Do you honestly think that there will be more hunters than monsters? Monster is a popular role. You don’t need to worry about being paired with bad teams. You don’t need to worry about someone else making a mistake. It’s all on you. No pressure. Plus, it’s just damn fun. So yes, there will be a lot more monsters than hunters. I saw this coming before 2.0 when people were asking for monster only queues. But hey, if there’s an issue making this worse, that’s awesome! Means that if it’s fixed, things get better. I’ll hope for that, sure, but I’ll also know that there’s a good chance it won’t be like before.


Skirmish is great when I want to play, but fee too tired to put on my best game. Or, like this weekend, theirs a community challenge. So if I’m monster, and Caira’s out there, I can put in just enough effort to make a fun game, but still lose to get the Caira win.

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Taking away Skirmish would mean it merges the players who choose it than Hunt 2.0, more players, means easier times to find players. That’s would… Sorta be a good thing

However, they’re only so much Gold Monsters/Hunters, and will be paired up against a Bronze/Low-Silver. It would be not fair/fun for the lower ranks. Gold Monsters have to wait a long time than a lower rank, so they could be put against a Bronze Destroyer, Silver Skilled, Silver Expert, and Bronze Elite, and we will know the results of the match. It would scare people away due to losing and getting stomped. It will push players away and the playerbase will decrease.

Leave Skirmish, it’s for the casual/new players.

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Can we not generalize, please? -.- “All micless players are bad!” “All good players are in Ranked!” “All PC players are elitist!” No, stop it. Enough. PLENTY of serious players play Skirmish. I’m dead serious about this game- I’m obsessed with winning every game where I take a character I’m serious about- and I play Skirmish plenty. Why? Sometimes I want to try new things with unorthodox strategies and comps, sometimes I wanna chill, etc.

Yeah no. You won’t always have enough for customs.

Why change anything? Right now we have a good balance of enough playlists to satisfy people’s desires AND few enough playlists to make finding matches easy. Nothing needs to change there.


I only play skirmish now. Done with tryhards. Remember when people had fun and didnt moan about losing X amount of points?

I’m not a fan of Hunt 2.0. Taking Skirmish away takes me away.


Yeah, screw Ranked. If it was fair and actually a good indicator of skill, then sure. But I’m tired of penalization for the game being screwed and then not having fun because it’s nothing but KrakenKrakenKrakenKrakenKrakenKraken. And who can blame them when they need to take it for the Jack/Sunny/Slim/Torvald spam? It’s not fun.