Remove Restart Round


There is no reason that an option to restart the round be in the game.

Also, on the PS4 there is a freezing issue where you will see a picture of the kraken and goliath (normally after evacuation is done). You will still be able to talk to other people in the lobby, but the picture never goes away. I waited for 3 minutes and nothing happened.

Thanks for the amazing game TRS!


What if somebody falls through the map or gets stuck in a wall or something?


Doesn’t matter anyway if the monster doesn’t know, and since there’s no all chat you can’t tell him. If the monster votes no the vote fails regardless of yes counts.


You’re not providing any justifiable reason to not have Restart Round function, even though it’s useful for unexpected game breaking glitches to occur at the beginning of the game.


If there is a game breaking glitch, it should be spawn on dropship option. Not a restart round. People that are in parties can troll others that don’t play in parties that is reason enough to remove it.


Are you sure that a monster vote of no prevents the round from restarting?

I just found this post that states otherwise.


Yes monster Vote of No does not stop the round reset.


I had 4 hunters try to restart during hunt on me and I voted no, it was denied.


i find it amazing. im here to face opposition. if people come in late and want to restart thats fine by me. the earlier the better tho if im one fight away from ending we might as well finish cuz the others ragequit XD


That’s funny I’ve personally voted no and still had a round restart.


It needs to be unanimous to my understanding. Everyone needs to vote yes or it gets denied. It does get annoying because I had a glitch once where the medic insta-died and we wanted to restart but the monster voted no because there’s no way for that person to know. Just like @Sniggler said

There’s no reason to remove it from the game though since it does serve its purpose at times, but most people just don’t vote yes if they’re pulling ahead.


It just restarted a round I was in with only 2 yes votes.


were they the only 2 votes cast? You have to actually vote no- abstaining does nothing.

I’ve had 4 hunters vote to restart while I’ve voted no and it got denied on PC.


Me and my friend voted no immediately and it still restarted


i think it works if the monster votes yes and 2 hunters vote yes. for example if the monster asks to restart the round, then only 1 or 2 need to agree to make the vote even. otherwise monsters will never get majority decision and will have to try to win stage 3 with 2 hp bars left just spawning in -.-


What should happen is, the Hunters vote first and a collective vote is made from the hunters…

3 Hunters - Yes 1 Hunter - No = 1 yes vote for hunters
2 Hunters - Yes 2 Hunters - No = 1 no vote from Hunters etc…

That way it’s a 1v1 vote, if Restart round pops up the hunters spam vote Yes it counts as one vote, the Monster votes No… You get…
1 Hunter Vote Yes vs 1 Monster Vote No = No Restart…


I think that’s what happened. That’s ridiculous we were seconds from killing the monster. It should have to be unanimous.


for me every 5 players have to accept it


The reason it shouldn’t even be in the game in the first place is.

  1. It doesn’t matter if you vote as the Monster cause you are outnumbered 4 to 1 so the vote will never sway in your favor because there is only one of you and four of them duh.
  2. This is easily abused by the hunters just because they lost a round fair and square.


Same here. After defeating them in the middle of a fight they voted for a restart. As schocked as I was I voted NO, F9 I tink, but it DID restart…