Remove region bias in matchmaking


Matchmaking is way too biased towards matching monsters with hunters from the same region. Considering the small player base, this isn’t fair for players who happen to live outside the US (and possibly Europe) – it just adds to the already enormous queue times for monsters.

While I search for a monster match and watch Evolve streams on Twitch, it’s extremely frustrating to see hunters with the same rank as my monster getting matched with either (1) the same monster player continuously or (2) monster players with an entirely different rank or (3) no monster at all. [Obviously I’m referring to people streaming on the same platform as me]

Region-biased matchmaking also means that I cannot ‘host’ a lobby when playing as a hunter because it results in infinite wait times. Getting someone from the US to host finds a monster almost instantly.

Can matchmaking please be changed to be more flexible with matching players from other regions? Preferably it should be removed. It would result in quicker wait times and help match hunters and monsters with similar ranks.

Add the option to change regions when queueing

So do you want to have every match lag? I would rather wait for a good connection personally.


This is not true, I’m playing from East Asia and the game always prioritize Mexicans over me whenever I play. Monster or not. ping difference between ussually stays in the 300s and sometimes 1000s.


I feel your pain, but why wait 5 minutes less for a match that is going to be laggy.
Every game I play against a monster that’s across seas, my ping shoots up. 300 at best, 1000 on bad days. It just isn’t fun and a waste of my time.
I’m fine with region matching even if I only play the same 10 monsters.


I can play from EU to US and enjoy it, Ill ping roughly 110ms. Even up to 150ms is okish. 200ms is decent. More than that, its more pain than fun.

Maybe they could make “max ping”. Because from some parts of EU the pings to some parts of Asia are doable, less than 200ms from East Europe gets one pretty far away. I have no idea if they already to this like this.


I lag every single game as hunter so no, I don’t want to wait for a good connection because it’s never going to happen.

I literally always play with lag as hunter, so even 5 minutes would benefit me (and all others in my situation). And I always host as monster so talk of lag is irrelevant.

Also, I have no idea where you pulled ‘5 minutes’ from. This is a very inaccurate underestimation.


It is true.

Can you explain further what you mean by this. Are you talking about when you play as the hosting hunter or as the monster?


Why not set your region to US or somewhere more populated in EU? If you can’t, I understand, but it would seem like a lot of people just do that and end up being perfectly fine.


Very interesting. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll try that out!


I’d rather wait for an hour than have a bad ping


This is a band aid fix.

Increasing the playerbase should be the first and only priority. If you get matched with a Monster from over a continent away, you’re all gonna get 200 ping as the Hunter team. That’s pretty much already a guaranteed loss right there.

Happens in 5/10 matches. No reason to turn that into 9/10 matches.


Well Honestly I would much rather welcome this alternative:

If game cannot find you game from your region for ~6 minutes, then the region bias is removed and matchmaking will start finding games also from other regions.

I would rather play with lags than wait 10+ minutes or not play at all


Idk man it gets crazy when on or the other have bad ping (huge delay on hanks orbital is what I’ve experienced)


I don’t know. It depends on your connection. I’ve played Monsters from Korea and with Hunters from the same place, and everyone seemed to do alright. I mean, my connection is pretty shifty, but it had its moments.


I get enough lag from these people in the US anyways.

Don’t need the Russians coming through here and giving me any more.


I don’t really understand a lot of the arguments here about getting lag. The current matchmaking system will still pair up hunters and monsters from different regions around the world - it just might take longer to do so. At the end of the day someone will lag.

Having a matchmaking system that is more flexible with regions will help a lot of players. If people here are against an outright removal of the region bias in matchmaking, perhaps having the option to search for non-local matches or the solution suggested by Zeon would help.


Why would are you people choosin to wait up to an hour or more rather than play with a little lag? I could get a lot done in an hour, including turning off this game and playing something else.

I’d rather brave the tide and play with Euronerds than wait for a match that isn’t going to happen.


I can’t make sense of what you’re saying.


But that’s assuming most of us are okay with ranked’s current state, which we evidently are not.

Our point of view is of a “It’s already bad, don’t make it any worse” nature. That’s not to say we’re fine with how it currently is, of course. We’d rather see those laggy matches disappear entirely.

Best approach as to how to do that?
You know, that thing we’ve been dying for. That thing we’ve all been asking about but 2K won’t budge with. That thing we have an entire thread for with hundreds upon hundreds of posts that have so far been completely ignored.

Increasing playerbase.

Evolve has always needed a bigger playerbase, and the devs were silly to think a ranked Hunt gamemode would function just fine with its current tiny one.
Upping that playerbase kills 2 birds in 1 stone.


I agree that ranked is far from perfect with the current player base. But at this stage, I’d really question whether substantially increasing the player base is a realistic goal.