Remove Perk Stacking


I think it go a long way towards actually balancing the game if you removed the ability to stack perks. Its way to easy to dodge and catch monsters with all the Rocket Lord perks you can just stack on top of one another.

Also its way to easy when you can just stack damage % on Blitz Markov and get away with just about anything with his long range.

Also Wraith maximum cooldown warpblasting is always fun(is isnt).


It’s also way too easy when Monsters stack a superior Damage Reduction perk in comparison to Hunters, but that’s just me.

I enjoy the perk stacking since it lets you build interesting options.


I prefer capacity on Blitz Markov over damage.

100% of the extra capacity will go into his ultra-strong lightning beam, while only about 25% of damage increase will go into the ultra beam.


I would be fine with perk stacking removal but if monster players think it is gonna be nerf for hunters,they are horribly wrong. It is gonna be much larger nerf for monsters,no more 36% dmg reduction :^)


I’d be down for it.

Anything to kill the annoying and cheap Tinkerbell strat. (which reigns supreme once again with the fly swatter and grounder nerf).


I dont find that to be much of a problem when they create stupid combinations like Kala, Cabot, Lennox, and Blitz Markov.


Perks for monsters are way more powerful

The hunter perks are shit even when stacked except for the jetpack recharge.30% reload speed? When almost all weapons reload themselves when using another.20% damage for 3 maxed out dmg perks? Wow…(not).10% damage reduction? Don’t make me laugh


I disagree. Perk stacking is one of the most fun things to play around with and experiment.


I can’t think of any perk that’s great or terrible for everything. Reload speed is great on Caira and Bucket. Jetpack perks suck against undodgeable attacks from MeGol.


I’m fine with perk stacking, but I’m not fine with the fact that perks are hidden to people. Even in the current mechanics of the game where one engagement isn’t the end of everything, people going in blind to the first engagement is a bit annoying. I’d rather that the information was available for both sides so they can tailor their game to suit. It also helps with less important issues like stream sniping. If I’m facing a game against a monster who is maxing out feeding speed I’m going to be approaching that game differently to one that has taken damage reduction stacks. If I’m facing hunters with jetpack perks I’m definitely going to make choices differently compared to when they’re playing with poison perks.

The stacking of perks is fine, it only really is an issue for anyone because it’s so hidden.

But I’m aware this isn’t really something that’s possible until they can rework the matchmaking processes :slight_smile:


Well im screwed.
Because i use Hunger, Unsatiable Hunger for my first 2 perks. THESE DONT EVEN AFFECT HUNTERS!
i think this is a dumb idea, and i hope it never happens.


Instant eating doesnt affect Hunters? Yeah it does since it counts towards armor and evolving.

But if you want to keep damage buffing Assaults and super cooldown medics like EMET around that are kind of stupid in their balance. Then keep on defending this idea.


That doesnt make a difference, thats fair, extra damage on assault.
assault is meant to do damage
and if its doing all that damage, and the monster stacks up damage reduction.
and not only do i stack eating speed perks, but i stack SPEED PERKS on HUNTERS.
its totally balanced and does not need a change.


no more 22% more movement speed for hunters
or more damage for assaults
and some perks are needed for monsters to be playable, this is what keeps it balanced.


Or just nerf those perks.


If a monster needs perks to be viable then they were never balanced to begin with.

The addition of perk stacking just adds annoyance and the last time Evolve became an annoyance to play the player base went to the double digits.


its not annoying
its fun and challenging


And yet lots of people do by hovering almost constantly with very little cooldown inbetween.


I would be down for dropping the stack on perks. Jetpack stacking is the main one. It is a complete nightmare and works against every monster unless you wish you sacrifice other abilities just for the off chance you can hit a small floating dot with a rock throw, or tongue grab.


I don’t know what trs is thinking. Not only do they nerf fly swatter + grounder (granted I think they were needed), they nerfed almost every other viable perk for hunters. Are they trying to get people to run tinkerbell?