Remove one downside of chosing capacity on Torvald


Since S2, capacity is no longer a good perk on Torvald. The reason for that is, that it no longer increased the recharge rate of his Mortars. Previously it was 6 seconds for 5 Mortars without perk and 6 seconds for 7 Mortars with 40% capacity.
However, now it is 1.2 seconds per Mortar, meaning its 7.2 seconds per 6 Mortars and 9.6 seconds per 8 mortars (35% capacity).

This is fair imo, since you can stop firing at any point and thus save reload time. However, as opposed to other battery weapons like the shield projector, you HAVE to recharge to full to use it. You can use the shield projector at 100% or at 133%. But you have to use the Mortars at 133% if you chose capacity as a perk. This means you are automatically forced to reload longer.

My suggestion would be this. Instead of enforcing a full clip for Torvald to use the Mortars, how about setting the limit to 6? Like that if you choose capcacity, you may recharge to 6 and fire or wait longer and fire 8 mortars. No enforced longer reload, just the opportunity to “overcharge” your mortar cannon by 2 shots.

And while we are at it: I’d like to mention once more, that I think Torvald should have just 4 mortars which are really strong, so that the first few who are the most likely to hit Wraith and Gorgon deal more damage, and that an entire barrage is not as punishing for bad Monsters or Behemoth.


His mortars need a major rework overall, they should be changed back to release mortars (not in terms of damage, but in terms of flight path and flight time.)


There is no point using it now.Your idea is good,allowing interrupting reload,but getting a larger mag does not help in the least with mortars if you are just waiting more to reload.Your DPS stays the same.That’s why i run reload on him,it’s actually a dps increase

But,if you gonna insist on using capacity IMO they should give him only 5 shells per barrage.Close to your suggestion of 4.But the difference is that 5 shells get a full benefit of 40% capacity which is 2 shells.4 shell barrage fires only one extra shell even with 40% capacity


Or they can pick gold capacity get 1 round and then pick reload or some other perk.


That is true,but with 5 shells you can either pick 1 perk for 1 round,or 2 perks for 2 rounds.with 4 shells you only have the option of 1 round


I do not use capacity. This suggestions is not for myself.

The current maximum capacity perk is 35%. Also it was just buffed from 5, and I didnt think it was optimal at 5.