Remove Movement Speed Perk


Movement speed perk is the only thing all monsters will choose because it’s so overpowering. I vote this perk be removed and replace it with something like attack speed/firing-speed/rate. That would be a much more fun perk.

A wraith with movement speed perk is nearly impossible to track down and catch. They are so fast with this ability I’ve been right next to them threw out the hunter’s mobile arena and they were able to escape…if that’s not broken I don’t know what is.


I stopped using movement perks on both sides after Big Alpha. They are good to help you learn the game, but organized teams will still catch up to you and not having a ‘combat perk’ makes a huge difference.


I never use movement speed. I always go with a combat perk because no matter what you do, no matter how fast you are, the game is going to have combat at some point and that’s how it’ll determine whether you win or lose (Unless you’re doing evac).

Personally, I love the damage reduction most; in fact I never use anything else.


Totally agree here with Hydra. I consider Perks to be in 3 categories.
Tracking/Hunting (For Hunters)
Evolving Faster (For Monsters)

I think all less experienced players should focus on the Tracking/Evolving perks until they are confident with their skills in Tracking/Evading and the majority of game mechanics and then move to combat perks as that is what determines the game.


How do you know what all monsters will choose? It doesn’t tell you what they picked and I doubt you can tell the difference just on sight. I never take movement speed unless I specifically want to play some kind of attack and run game with Goliath.

Higher rate of fire with Wraith would make his air game way too powerful.


But in all seriousness, it siginifcantly takes away your combat efficiency, considering you could use Health Regen or Ability cooldown.


Then you all are the few, explain how all monsters are able to cover so much distance so fast and gain so much ground when the hunters are right behind them. There is no other conclusion than movement speed is being used.

Wraith especially benefits from this too much he is already too fast and can basically dash around infinitely. Maybe the stamina perk needs to be removed as well or nerfed.


Jetpack recharge basically does the same thing plus it’s great in combat


About 60 wins and 20 loose as goliath, I’ve never picked up the Movements speed perk, My primary choose is feeding speed 75%.

As hunter I pick the jetpack reload speed 75% too


All of these perks offer something valuable to a monster. The most powerful choices depend on the map from what I can tell.


Monsters gain so much ground yet the hunters are right behind them? I’m sure I misunderstood that. Good monsters know how to get around fast.

There is a mechanic in the game likened to adrenaline where the monster has more jumps/warps when being shot. Explanation is; jump 5 times while being shot in the back. You aren’t going to gain much ground just running around the map. Especially after you evolve and become bigger.

In your opinion it’s the best perk and you’re assuming everyone else believes so too.


It’s because the hunters are right behind them. The only ones that should be behind the monster are Assault, Support, and/or the Medic. Never should your trapper just be running behind the monster because it’s a simple fact that the monster has more mobility than any hunter no matter the perk they use.

Also keep in mind that shooting the monster when you’re close gives him faster stamina regeneration, meaning he can run even faster.

If you want to catch the monster then follow, don’t shoot, and make sure your trapper is cutting the monster off. It also helps a TON if you can grab the jetpack regen perk from wildlife. A team I was with grabbed it and the Goliath literally could not get away no matter how hard he tried to juke us. We were on top of him every second of that match.


I take it you’ve never played a monster because if you had you’d probably realize that the movement speed buff isn’t that appealing.


I’ve never really even considered using a movement speed perk with a monster - only ever Bucket in order to catch up after UAV
Never been a point playing as a monster where I’ve thought “if only I was faster”.

Might just be me though :slight_smile:


Something to remember is that movement speed does NOT affect you while you are jetpacking, Leaping (With Goliath’s Traversal), Flying (With Kraken’s Traversal) or Wraping/Floating (Wraith’s Traversal and gliding) It ONLY affects you on the ground.


Yeah, the only time I use the MS perk is when I’m playing Bucket. Otherwise I think most of the other perks are better in most scenarios.

I don’t play monster if I can avoid it though, so I can’t really speak for that.


Never used it. Cool down reductions for me so I can spam my abilities.


Yeah, to me CDR is pretty much the best one, more abilities = more dmg but it also means more mobility for Goliath and Wraith, and CDR is also really strong on kraken to have your pushback and lightining strike ability as soon as possible.


Really? I was under the impression that MS perk did affect the burst speed from jetpack boosting. It seems like it when I use it. Though I could be wrong and it might have just been a placebo effect.

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