Remove Monster Autoaim


Remove Monster Autoaim.

This mechanic is so bad. Turning around, hitting hunters or wildlife in your back should NOT be happening. some left or right okay, but not 180° turns.

please remove this. @MacMan


I second and third and fourth this. Most annoying thing ever :stuck_out_tongue:


Reason for it is due to something called “contextual aiming” or something close. It’s to give the making of the animation a more realistic feel of dynamically attacking the hunters with alternating movements like a real animal would do, rather than bland static attacks eg) counter strike knife swipes .


uhm… thanks i guess, but thats kinda not the point.


I’m just explaining the reasoning for why it exists. So I’m sure you’d understand just how annoying it would be for them to adjust it without ruining that part of the game.


Monsters can auto aim? Wtf? Yea that doesn’t need to be a thing.


i said that a slight auto aim or contextual meele is okay but 180° is retarded. there is no reason for it.


they can…


Oh you mean the snap 180 degree turn heavy that always makes you lose games because it kills a bloody reaver instead of interrupting a revive? Yeah, remove that.

I thought he meant for skills, just jumped in from a different topic, my bad. :stuck_out_tongue:


They can also make flying unicorns and confetti cannons but that wouldn’t make for a fun game now would it?

Anythings POSSIBLE but it’s what’s viable that means something at the end of the day…

And since the coding currently has it set to make us monsters snazzily hit anything close, it’ll be a while before we even get a whiff of a change.


that adds exactly one thing to the game: frustration. Frustration is not viable. A fun game would be if my character would actually hit the thing i want to hit, not decide randomly because it “looks” better to just turn 180° and hit somewhere else. btw that does not even look good.

please keep your wannabe sarcastical comments to yourself, they are bad and not even remotely valid to this situation.



But come on, you gotta see where they are coming from. You see how weird it’d look if it was just casual swipes while the monster gets gunned downed from all sides right? I’m not saying it’s in the best place (I’ve had it way too many times occur where the support would cloak and my Goliath would spazz hitting in all directions) but that this will most likley take a long time before anything gets done to remotley even change it.


one more reason to uninstall then… the list gets longer while the points holding me are not.

still i have nothing against it, the amount of turning is just ridiculous. you cant say “we make a competitive title” and then include autoaim and things where you lose controll over your character.


It is, it really is :confused:

Luckily it doesn’t occur all that much for me(there can only be so much wildlife close to you while you engage in a fight before they run away or die right?)

Usually for me it’s an annoying 180 kill-this-strider-than-180-back- to whatever hunter I was focusing.
How’s it for you?


smash this hank, rockthrow right in his face… 10% hp, oooh an assault from behind… lets hit him, shall we?


Hey assualts gotta serve SOME purpose when monster forget him because all he does is damage, am I right?


the moment 1 single attack could kill the trapper but then autoaim turns 180° degree and attacks whatever crap youre not aiming for… /sign this needs to be removed on PC plattform.


daily reminder @Chloe