Remove Matchmaking Penalty for Empty Servers


The Beta’s matchmaking was horrible. (Sorry to sound rude, but it was)

Too many times we would get thrown into a game and have 1-2 slots open for bots. And if you left before the game started, the next time you searched for a game, you’d be told to wait 60 seconds. I’m fine with this penalty if I left a server that was full without having played a round, but you should not penalize players for not wanting to play in a server with bots as teammates (almost a guaranteed loss). Especially when there is no way to filter out games that have empty slots/bots in them.


To include, don’t make it effect the rating and progress of the people who join after a certain time. I’ve come into too many games that ended within a few minutes and had a loss counted against me.


Agree on removing wait penalty for empty servers.

Can’t say my experience with matchmaking was bad though, I thought it was quite good this time around.


I had groups of 2-4 people. I don’t know if it had to do with the fact that there was a level difference between me and my friends of about 20, but our average minimum time for waiting for a match was 5minutes. Also, 90% of the time, you’d be placed into a 1 player session with 2 empty slots. So it was an exercise in wasting time only to be forced into a role where you were going to lose.


I did experience longer wait times with a 3 person lobby than I did solo, 2 person, or 4 person. And with the 3 player lobby we would often get a 4th for monster but it would take quite awhile for that last bot spot to be filled.

It might have been your level difference or it trying to adjust to a skill difference. My friends were usually within 8 or 9 levels of me.


Yeah. I really wish they’d just use a server browser for games. I think matchmaking kinda lends itself to console-centric mechanics. Many PC gamers have seen server browsers as staples in multiplayer features for a while.

They list servers, show maps, modes, player counts, add faves, blacklist servers, and filter out the list based on lots of criteria.


Same thing happened when I played and I played in a party with a friend and it seemed that when I played solo, I’d run into full games, but when playing with a friend. We’d have just me and him as hunters and some random person as the monster and since there was only three of us, the random person would always get stuck as the monster and eventually leave, which resulted in us having to back out and have to wait the penalty which albeit isn’t that long.


yup, tried to queue as 2 hunters, never actually made it, red circle of death.