Remove map rotation. its a stupid idea


I feel and i dont know if anyone else does?
that a map rotation makes the game playable for a day or 2 and after that you are literally just playing it for the daily reward.

please remove the map rotation feature and just have all the maps because it will make it more playable.


they are going to add more maps in the future. also good luck unlocking stuff just by the daily log in lol


the maps are on a rotation, you missed my point entirely. when i played before there were way more maps that what you have a week.

and i dont need luck?
my point is that i dont feel obliged to play the game if im not going to enjoy playing the same 2 maps everyday for a week.

i knew they were adding content in the future, but i also know they had content and they took it away and im asking for it back?


The 4 in rotation are the updated maps. They’re working on revamping the rest and putting them into the rotation.


ssoooooo how would they not be on a rotation if there are only 2? also thats what my point was they are going to add those maps back in but currently they are working on them.


They took away the other maps for a total rework the same way they did with distillery, weather control, orbital drill and wraith trap

Edit: damn ninjas


see this guy knows what im saying


yeah but the maps havent really changed at all?
just saying that i feel like we should have all the maps, is all im saying?
rotation sucks


Distillery has gone MASSIVE changes.
Weather Control has more tunnels and the beach area is much better to go to.
And Wraith Trap had it’s relay changed and a lot of smaller changes.
The only ones that didn’t change much was Orbital since it was one of the most balanced maps in the game.

A lot of the old maps simply aren’t up to date both graphically and gameplay wise.


The four maps in rotation have changed a lot. They’re vastly different from where they started.


sorry for coming to the forums to make a suggestion to a dev :blush:
currently am dealing with it. but im making a suggestion because i can? so i dont need you to tell me what i already know then tell me to deal with it.


Who are you talking to?


No-one has a problem with you suggesting anything, I think people thought you weren’t aware of the reasoning for there only being the 4 maps in rotation :slight_smile: