Remove Hunters slow movement in water


Remove slow movement in water for hunters

This will allow hunters to perform well in water areas

Maps contain water area :

1- Refueling Tower (east side from north to south ) Huge effect - ( west side - 2 pools- medium effect)

2- Distillery (large pool - large effect) (north & east)

3- Medlab (east side - waterfall - large pool - large effect) - (west side - small pool - no effect)

4- Fusion plant (medium effect) East & middle

5- Weather Control (inside the cave - meduim pool - medium effect) - ( north - big pool - no effect)

6- Wraith Trap (small pool - no effect)

7- Armory (small pool - no effect)

8- Aviary (small pool - no effect) - (east side - medium effect)

Refueling tower / distillery / medlab do favor the monsters (except MG) in water spots because they prevent hunters from sprinting.

Refueling Tower : Arguably the second most favorite map for monsters

Water prevent hunters using abilities / slow them down (take away sprinting) / harder to dodge monster abilities

it’s sad not to see waterfall scene in domes anymore / or see it as one sided match because it favor the monster over hunters

This suggestion will allow a variety of doom placement and increase hunters chances

Other FPS games don’t slow soldiers in water at all .


What about Monsters?
Particularly, what would happen to the larger pools like you mentioned in Distillery? Monsters are a lot slower in water deep enough for the Hunters to swim in.


I don’t know

Water slow monsters down . It doesn’t prevent their abilities. Monster can hide in the water (stealth) .

I think water should slow monsters only because they are big targets . The effect of water is not the same on both . Hunters can’t use their abilities in water . That’s fair trade

Monster don’t run inside water unless they have to (to get to target / to mitigate). 1 traversal can make them go out . In normal situation like in the chase . monsters don’t use water path

Hunters can be pulled to water . Waste their jet . Knock back effect . They ended up in water


Uh Monsters can’t fully submerge underwater though. If sneaking would make their head under the water then they won’t sneak. Hunters moving slower in water is a realistic thing and a goal that a Monster would aim for otherwise only the Monster would be hindered by water in terms of movement in which case is crap because we’ve already got a Trapper doing that.

Sometimes a Monster needs to throw people into the water to get an edge and in which case is up to the Hunters to not get thrown in there. Hunters are mammals, not fishes so of course they’ll move slower.

Honestly of all the things…


“The Hunters will never find me if I go under-blubwublubffrrrrttttt…I…blubblub…am a genius… blubwubwubwubblub…”



That right there is just like the discussions with Slim’s spores. Oh, just use a traversal to get out of it.


Maybe leave slow movement as it is but just make hunters able to use their shit while in deep water?
C’mon they have jetpacks cant they just use them to swim?


Waterfall spots IMO are the best scene in Evolve

Hunters in high level / competitive scene don’t usually dome the monster in some of the water location . It’s sad not to see waterfall scene / or see it as one sided match because it favor the monster over hunters


What is your problem with removing everything that makes this game a little difficult? O.o


I’m against this. Environment should have an effect, as height variables have. Otherwise let’s just play in a flat, empty holodeck-like grid with boxes. Like TRS’s test maps.


How is it difficult ?

I’ve always supported hunters in pubs to sustain player base

I’ am supporting med/high level monsters and request buffs …

I care about balance … those location in Refueling tower in particular is a monster favorite location . What makes it difficult about making it more balanced ?


Maybe stay out of the water.


There is nothing to balance. This is just like removing wildlife because they’re a hassle.

Leave the water as it is.


Honestly, if the hunters have trouble inside of a dome with deep water, then it’s a bad dome. Trappers should be actively looking to NOT throw a dome around deep water, while monsters (especially Kraken) should aim for domes with deep water. It’s the same with hunters who complain about a monster running around the dome: you could just throw a better dome with less room to migate


Since it is announced that water will no longer extinguish flames, I think it is a very fair point to no longer slow anyone down while in shallow water. Swimming in deep water however should stay imo.


Wait, can monsters actually drown themselves?


I agree, water areas are bad to fight in. So don’t pick a fight in water areas. Hunters can chose where to dome a monster.

I mean yeah a monster can ambush hunters in water areas. This can be a advantage for them, but that’s a good monster. And he picked a good area to fight hunters. So just be wary of surprise ambushes in watery areas, and also don’t dome monster in watery areas.


Great point . Shallow water don’t slow monster . Why shall it slow hunters ?


Because Monster are 3 story tall killing machines. I’d doubt they have a problem with ankle high water.

A human though? Not so much.

The water slows them down so that it could be an obstacle. Same with reavers, chomp plants, or any aggressive wildlife. Storms also slow down Hunter progress to tracking a Monster.


Do you care about balance ?

Do you care about what makes sense ?

maybe you choose one of them whenever you feel like it lol

If you throw fire to human . He should die . That what makes sense . But it’s not going to be balanced .

When you throw a rock 600% + the size of human . He should die immediately . Why does it take out 50% of the health ?

It’s a video game . It’s a fiction . It should be balanced . reasonable . Doesn’t have to make sense in all elements . If you expect to be . All games would be broken