Remove hunt 2.0 and incorporate it into quickplay


Suggestion: Remove the hunt 2.0 option and just have quickplay. Allow players to toggle ranked mode in their role preferences. If all five players agree, the match will auto-switch to hunt and contribute to your rank.

Effect: Recombine a playerbase split by separating hunt 2.0 from quickplay.

Players who want a ranked match would never get a mid-game match.
Players with preformed teams would essentially be in the same queue as they were in hunt 2.0, just with more potential adversaries.
Players searching for ranked matches would have their names hidden.
There could also be a setting for accepting a game that isn’t ranked if a ranked match doesn’t occur within (some number).

looked around on the forums and have seen a lot of complaints about how many game modes there are and how it splits the community, particularly on pc? @toolbear right? sorry if i’m linking the wrong person.

thought this might help. dunno if it’s already been suggested, so sorry if so!

titanfall does something similar with its ranked chip, probably for the same reason i’m suggesting here, but i dunno.


That could be a disaster. If I don’t want to play Ranked and a team of 3 want to, I can screw them out of playing just because.

That also seems like a disaster to program for on all ends. I could be wrong, but it sounds convoluted as Macman said in the Livestream yesterday, simplicity is key.


That would destroy the competitive / skilled players. Because it’s not enjoyable to fight with/against not similar rank


Alternate suggestion: take the ranked mode backend that does the matchmaking and use it to put together quick play games (without putting ranking information on the UI).


I mostly play ranked unless I’m teaching new players. I hate all game modes except hunt so this would kind of ruin evolve for me, soo…no thanks.


But I thought the problem was Ranked takes too long to find matches. I thought literally the only main difference between Ranked and Quickplay MM was one takes the ranking into account and the other doesn’t.


you talking about the 50 or so players who only play competitively. sorry but once you reach a certain rank, matches ARE harder to find.


Rank mode is infinitely more fun


But if we get rid of ranked and keep it’s matchmaikng then evreyone will be playing the sameting. Also since individual rank will not matter we can start games with bots like in Quickplay.


Ranked mode takes too long to find matches because everybody jumped ship to quick play, because apparently having rank taken into account for matchmaking purposes makes people super serious or angry or something. That IS the main difference, and that is a HUGE difference, and is the reason ranked mode was so sought after, and the reason it was so good before the population tanked again.

EDIT: I also realize that a lot of the draw of quickplay is that it has multiple game modes, which is a good thing for the game. However, I think that there are a lot of players that primarily enjoy Hunt mode that have switched to quickplay either because ranked mode scared them off or simply because queue times were faster, and I think that if both queues were ranked there would probably be some more equilibrium between the two queues, rather than one being pretty much deserted.


Screw that I don’t want to play anything other than Hunt, I know it takes 20 minutes to play but whatevs


its hard for a game to have a competitive scene when its not viewed as a good game, and thats the problem people hate evolve too much to stay and play and actually get gd at the game. Most people simply get frustrated and stop playing compared to the determined people willing to learn this great game.


All i play is ranked hunt and this would kill the game for me