Remove heavies when in Supernova


I find it very irritating as a Wraith whenever the heavy comes up when I’m superpimpslapping the hunters, I guess my point is that Supernova should be an ability that makes you do a rapid series of light melee attacks when you’re inside the cloud …and not something that has annoying heavies that 1. stun the hunters (hunters don’t like that) 2. it disrupts the wraith’s flow. In the time the heavy is performed you’ll be wasting time that you could use to do some light supernova attacks.


There’s heavy attacks in supernova?


I never saw heavy attacks in supernova too ! :open_mouth:


The heavies trigger when you traverse or have to hit a harpoon, after climbing or for whatever reason. I find it very annoying to use. Especially with how buggy the melee is.


Agreed @Azmi_Anuar


I stopped picking it lately because of it, and instead went 3 on WB+AB… And sometimes Decoy if there are no slows or flames b around.


This is fixed in the next TU.


So no more heavies in super nova? yasssssssssss