Remove Grounder perk

Well I will reserve judgement for after I’ve played with it. It literally just came out.

What about all the perks the Monster already has that slows Hunters with Melee and vice versa.


The Slow perk is stupid as well. It should be removed as well. For both sides.


Definitely fixes the Tinkerbell issue some users were having.

Wait you mean Gorgon’s web projectile attack?

Though making it a meele attack is kinda pushing it.
THEN AGAIN. You do have to sacrifice CDR or DR for this tier 3.

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Web Snare’s slow is stupid as well. :wink:

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This looks like a really dirty perk lol

Love this comment, completely agree. Buffs are to buff somebody, not to fxxx somebody else over.

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I thought that jetpacking was a necessary skill to learn in Evolve, now I guess the go-to strategy is maxed out unbreakable perks since we can’t dodge the attacks now?


I see people will be using melee - ability combos now. Charge - melee - fire - melee - leap attack - melee - rock - (jump) - melee - again and again.

I mean, devs, what were you thinking guys? This is like the ultimate nightmare for the targeted hunter. I know I will be using at least two of them from now on to cripple medics. I wouldn’t be able to defend myself if the medic player takes a visit at my house and punch me because I totally deserve it. It will destroy his gaming experience.

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I think hunters need a perk where by shooting monsters it increases traversal cool down by 50%, reduce speed of traversals by 30% and increase the time it takes to climb by 40%.

What about “bullets harpoon the monster”? That would be great, right?


That sounds horrific. And I guess that just shows how messed up this grounder perk is.


Oh god no ; _ ;

Goliath has a hard enough time escaping from a pro team already. You want to cut off his legs and leave him in a wheelchair?

Kraken too.

The Jetpack thrust is already pretty weak, I thought it’d be a cool addition to the Monster as the Hunter perks are way much cooler than the Monsters

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Mm I tried grounder + slow the monster perks against hunters their support couldn’t dodge and couldn’t run their medic couldn’t dodge or run and Decoy + SN absolutely rekt em.

I guess finally something to fight back against the high ranking pros :smiley:

I still much prefer cooldown reduction though…

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I went up against Laz + bucket so a UP comp but I downed 2 people before their parnell + bucket could do more than a half bar of health damage and I fought right beside him for the majority of the dome. Think their bucket got downed within 10 seconds and their laz didn’t even last that long at stage 1 was enough time for me to abduct, melee SN + Decoy have that run out then WB and he was downed and I was out of there.

Boy this will sure bring a new twist in the meta huh?
Trappers will need to up their game slowing the monster down now.

I didn’t even need to use traversals to keep up with the laz he covered like 25m before I killed him. Stasis woulda forced me to use a traversal and harpoons are pretty easy to break with wraith.

Harpoons are underpowered as hell imo. Just “eh i’l just meele and turn around, this won’t waste more than a second or two.”

Stasis is much more effective, which is why I like electric grif, the more I shoot, the more its slowed. And why I love Abe and crow, just slow it down.