Remove Grounder perk

Thats true.

I used it for a while but I quickly switched to cooldown reduction again. It didn’t make THAT much of a difference for me. Since my combos with Wraith and goliath aren’t exactly easy to dodge.

(By that I mean I bait dodges and know how to lead attacks).

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Hunter players were abusing 3 sets of Jet Pack Perks… Monster Players can do the same.
Let’s see what this is like in a couple of weeks… between this and the “Auto-Death Dropship”…I’m kinda happy it all happened before I spent Silver Keys on Lazarus. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah its true that people do stuff like that. the dot wouldnt do too much still with all three but the gold and silver debuffs would be painful for a moment as hunter. i doubt a monster would even bother with the base one since its quite a weak effect.

This is a whole new perk and people don’t get used to it, but I’m all for it. Besides, yeah, the golden one is the one which is effective, and that’s expensive, and sacrificing another golde perk

Exactly. It’s just that personally, for example, I have spent Keys on certain Perks kinda dependent on the idea that I can “travel reliably”. So it’s a new thing to have to look at my Jet Pack with more suspicion from now on.

A lot of the core gameplay in how to fight Wraith is Jet Pack based also. That’s part of the scary bit as it affects “core gameplay”.

Like, imagine if they introduced a Hunter perk which stealthily lengthened the cooldown on all of a target’s abilities for 2 - 3 seconds… Imagine all 4 Hunters ran that Tier 3 Perk…In the wrong circumstances the game would die from something like that if people “hard committed” either way.

You’re accustomed to a certain rhythm of playing… a certain set of rotations… and it will be upset. Shigeru Miyamoto (I think or some other Japanese game designer) once stated that the rhythm and cycle of motions is actually the core enjoyment a player has (the “feel” of a game)… so anything that upsets it… can severely backfire on a game.

But we shall see.

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It seems some of the things I’m worried about are already happening and “Gameplay Shift” has already begun to occur.

EVOLVE gameplay for Hunters now emphasizing unloading all damage as possible or tanking everything you can x 4. I have to admit, I’ve already thought of similar builds.

EVOLVE Hunters = 4 x Doomguy? :stuck_out_tongue:

hold space once every 20 seconds is not skill, why do monsters need skill ?

On the topic of skill… if the idea now to win is for all 4 hunters to get all 3 sets of Damage Increase Perks… crowd the Monster with the intention of getting downed so that everybody is firing amped up Pistols to win the game… Because “You don’t play Jet Packs anymore”… Something very bad has happened. :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably the worse attempt at starting an argument and the fact you’re clearly clueless on the nature of jetpack mechanics.

To be fair, if you are using the tinkerbell? strat, then what he said is actually correct.

Yes… and once again… the easier fix was just to reduce the effects of these Tier 2 or 3 Jet Pack Perks.

I was trying to reply to the person above me, the reply system doesn’t work very good or I am doing something wrong.

Oh? I thought this was a round table discussion. :slight_smile:

I didn’t realize we had VIP rooms. hehehe. :stuck_out_tongue:

I save my fuel for boosts. If you mean holding space all the time I don’t, unless it’s to scale up walls.

There is apparently a strat right now where you can stay in the sky for a long time, I think that what the person was talking about when he said holding the space bar for 20 seconds requires no skill.

Also on the subject of “Crowd the Monster with everybody on Max Damage Perks and surrounding the Monster even if downed”… A certain @Anoteros will note the irony of this new strategy to deal with Grounder. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t want to say anything ahead of my weekend testing, since saying: “Wah! All Damage Perks from nao on!” is a bit like throwing your toys out.

But yeah… basically those (ranked?) players are showing what I was already describing… “joker builds” to deal with “joker builds”.

Well, not like theres any diminishing returns to all damage perks :stuck_out_tongue:
ITs totally viable, specially with assaults XD

And totally obnoxious to fight against.

This buff/nerf race will not end well if continues like that.

Won’t be long before the “Pepperidge Farm remembers” memes come out… :stuck_out_tongue:

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