Remove Grounder perk

Has anybody played against a Monster with that perk yet?
You cannot dodge Rock anymore, you cannot dodge Lightning Strike.

Who the hell figured it would be good to A) mess with the hunters jetpack and B) reduce the thrust by fucking 35%. You know that you cannot dodge anything anymore with one dodge, right?

Just remove this shit, please. Seriously. You don’t know whether the monster will pick this perk before the match. So even if it would be counterable by picking the opposite hunter perks, you cannot pick any other perk then because you would have to pick all dodge perks to remotely counter it.

Don’t ever introduce perks that mess with any kind of movement/mechanics of another player.


were you facing me by any chance?


Nope, customs.

Euhm, that only applies when the monster has hit you with a melee attack I believe


ok I made people rage by using that perk but you must also think that kraken was every week before this patch and now hes good I don’t think its over powered

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True but as Kraken you can just constantly snowball and as Goliath and Wraith you melee a lot. At least I am.

Plus, now you gotta keep tabs as a hunter whether the monster hit you with a melee attack in the last 3 seconds to figure out how many boosts you need? WTF


Kraken weak? Before this patch?

No…no he wasn’t. Kraken is one of the strongest monsters in the game, he always has been.


He was weak.

no he wasn’t.


I agree with you that it seems really really problematic and it is probably going to be too strong. HOWEVER, the patch got released literally today. Give it some time. If it is truly as apocalyptic as you say, then let’s give them the feedback to change it. I honestly think this may have been partially a response to the constant whining about the ‘tinkerbell’ strategy in the forums, so making the same knee-jerk overreaction doesn’t seem smart.


I guarantee you that TRS will be adjusting or removing those perks in the near future if they are too strong. Good to provide feedback, just don’t assume that the Devs haven’t thought about this already. It is obvious that TRS is using the beta period to test lots of ideas and making quick adjustments as needed once they gather data.

I better jump on and get my Kraken goin.

No but really, hunters have CC, and with the tumble/magnitude changes from aeons ago, landing a combo at higher levels became quite difficult. Just a few days ago I played a competent premade that crushed me. I couldn’t land a combo to save my life. With proper jetpack/perk use(they had a sunny too) they can run rings around a monster. Now I can focus one of them down.

I understand though, this will be rough to get used to, and at lower levels it could be punishing. Luckily we have a competent balance team that is willing to listen to the community, look at telemetry data, and adjust balance accordingly. If this perk truly isn’t balanced, then it will be addressed in time.


I was just reading a Rant Thread last night that complained all Hunters were taking JP perks. If that’s the case then this should even out, no?


kraken is to slow for this meter the fact that he can now slow the hunters while running makes him viable now in pub games you could say that any monster is op but in high level play kraken was rubbish in this meter nows hes not

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Boy wraith and Goliath mains must be grinning right now.

I know I am.


yes it will

I don’t have Stage 2 yet, so I won’t comment on balance, but this perk seems like a bad idea to me. 35% seems too much.

Buffs are to buff somebody, not to fuck somebody else over.

Even if the “JP perks even it out” argument would be true, you are blind picking perks. So the JP perks will be even more mandatory now because the monster MAY take a single perk that fucks up one of the most important, fun and skill-requiring hunter mechanic, the dodging?
Nerf the JP efficiency perks if needed. Do not add perks that mess with somebody’s controls. It’s like they have learned nothing from Slim… :frowning:


I knew this thread was coming. The grounder perk is just ridiculous in design, it takes away a crucial part of hunters to mitigate damage without any skill from monsters


Perfectly worded! :slight_smile: