Remove feeding routes


This has to be the worst part about stage 2 right now. It is so annoying to go against that monster who legit studies something for a video game to remember certain spawns to stage up in less than a minute. It completely ruins the game. And no I am not going to go out of my way to “study them so I know where monster goes” because that is a complete bullshit and unaffected method as people in my games have tried and failed. Spawn points need to be random so people cant get cheap ass wins. This is seriously my biggest gripe with the game. It’s more fun to randomly run around instead of studying a specific pattern to evolve before hunters can even spot you.


Yes make it random so monster can Evolve 40s into the game like in legacy.


People have to study that?


I admit, I do better as a monster player BECAUSE I have studied the good monsters and their routes. Not only that, but it also makes me a better trapper because I am prepared to get to the monster faster, knowing where he’s already going. But I have to say, just because the monster can get to the evolve before you can get the first dome does not a great monster make, nor an easy win. Sure they are stronger, but there’s a lot more to being monster than just learning feeding routes.


What for example?I honestly do not see anything that would make bigger difference.
Skill cap on monsters is really low. Only one or two monsters requie more than hands that are not both left-Wraith,Gorgon.

Maybe if 95% of skills ingame would not be huge aoe spells there could be some bigger descussion about this.

Only difference I see between Golden Destroyer Goliath and Bronze Elite Goliath are perks and feeding route.They focus same people,with same hit chance doing same dmg.


Having played Legacy and Stage 2, I prefer this method more. A monster can study feeding routes, so can Hunters. Identify the most likely route, best cutoff and where they are most vulnerable and likely to Evolve.


Lol yeah, just remove the current spawn points and make them random for wildlife. Lol sure


Right now I believe there are about 4 good feeding routes for Monsters on each of the 4 maps, which brings you to about 16 total.

The beauty of this though is that TRS, at any point, can change the spawn locations for all the wildlife and then it switches up these routes to keep things fresh.


i think monsters should be rewarded for doing their homework, likewise for the hunters. Its not like these feeding routes are secret and only accessible by monster traversals or something. Also, even if you dont get a dome at stage 1 or only manage to dome at stage 3, doesnt really matter, you wouldnt get stronger if you had domed anyway, you are still the same strength that you will ever be at and if beating a stage 3 at full health and armor with a party with zero strikes is possible then i dont see the problem


You’re complaining about people who have took the time to learn the game to help better themselves in winning and now you wish to take that away because you won’t do the same?


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If anything I think there should be more feeding routes and a slightly different mechanic to ensure feeding always had a minimum time to fill the evolve meter


Maybe if Stage 1 fights were less punishing and doming wasn’t braindead there wouldn’t be a need for them.


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Feeding routes? 2/3s of the wildlife are 2 meats and there are no crazy dense populations to slaughter. Your problems stem from 80% feed speed stacked with other movement perks. There are no true feeding routes now that make any real difference.


It’s a probelm that should be fixed, I agree, but not because it makes monster powerful. It’s other way around. Once you know the feeding route as a hunter, you can tell where monster would be without even scanning.

Hunters have scanner now. Monsters should be able to eat well wherever he goes. Their routes are already too abvious.


The current system is way better than random was.

Monsters would get so absolutely screwed by bad spawns - it could lose you the game by itself. Good spawns didn’t even balance it out, since you only have so much time to eat while the hunters chase you.


I would rather see it be random just so each game is random. I am fairly new but playing as monster I already am finding myself going the same direction to feed on the same things every game which will just lead to a repetitive feeling that will make me get bored of game faster.