Remove Defend off Quick Play Please


I hate this stupid mode so much as Monster and Hunter and i think im not the only one
Its buggy, unbalanced and boring for the first time it was Oknbut if u have play it few round
u never want to See it again or skip it

Sometimes if u or the Minion hit the last generator he didnt take any damage so u must spend 10 minutes for 1 Generator really?

Plz TRS remove it it make no sense to have Nest,Rescue or Defend outside of Evacuation

I love Hunt and Arena is OK sometimes but not Defend

Remove Defend from Quick Play

While we don’t usually like duplicate type topics, the most recent topic is nearly a month old. :slight_smile:


Defend is fine. I enjoy it and I know there’s others on here who enjoy it being there too


In a lobby last night, the rounds went- hunt, defend, skip, arena, defend, skip, arena, defend, skip.

I personally don’t like it, but I wouldn’t hate it so much if it didn’t pop up what seems like way more than 33% of the time. I know I’ve seen the other thread, where there was talk about different ratios for quick play. I really think all you need is the ability to SKIP TWICE… You only have three game modes. Let the lobby decide exactly what they want to play.

P.S. Why the heck do I have a wait time after leaving a match, it is called quick play isn’t it?


i’ve suggested this


I thought it was you but not 100% sure. I think defend is helpful for new players so I wouldn’t want to get rid of it completely, and I’d be in favor of playing some nest too (once in a while). I just think adding more ‘skips’ eliminate the need for adjusted ratios.



i enjoy defend, it gives a different playstyle. but there aren’t any real reasons for it to be removed from what i’ve seen people want.

defend is to monsters as hunt is to hunters


Best idea would be a vote system in the lobby what comes next!!!


I think all game modes should be included in quick play. It’s not ranked, it’s casual. Play them all or at least have the option to select which modes to include or discard when you pick quick play.


Agreed. I hate Defend. It’s a boring easy win as monster and a long frustrating loss as hunter as 90% of the time your teammates have no idea what to do.


Well many hunters just not have enough practice in defend, but its not an easy win in general for a monster if the hunters know what to do.


i primarily play hunter in pubs and dont have problems with monsters in defend


i agree with this post , i see Defend WAY more than i would like to .


Can confirm, skipped Defend every time.


It’s an easy win for either side if you know how to play.

As hunters I could dome you and keep chasing you, not allowing You to feed.

It can go either way.


That’s why I like Cabot on defend. Lol


remove hunt and defend stays (fighting a or as lvl 3 monster is just epic)


Or just add all game modes and everyone will be happy.


I was the first to say add defend mode into the quick play session

But now I wish it’s not there

I can play defend and have a good experience once or twice … but I don’t want it to pup out very often

Either remove it or just decrease the chances to pup out


defend for me is like the funnest mode but not more than a couple times back to back. most of the people i play with all know what to do as hunters so its actually a good challenge. hold those domes, kill minions then focus monster, and you got yourselves a free win lol

as a monster hit those turrets, then keep the hunters off your minions, help them kill gens when you have some free time. game for the monster.

maybe with pubs it sucks but isnt every mode with pubs shitty?