Remove Defend from Skirmish?


I think Defend needs to be removed from the Skirmish game mode pool. It is only played if someone forgot to click “Skip”. Personally, I don’t like this game mode very much. It is fun to play it once in a while but not as often as it comes up in Skirmish. ^^
And if you have to press “Skip” every time Defend comes up, you have no “Skip” left if a map comes up that you don’t want to play.

How do I make a poll? Can somebody edit a poll in this post? I would like to know how you feel about it.
Q: Remove Defend from Skirmish?
A: Yes.
B: No.
C: Keep it but less often (like 1/20 matches).

EDIT: Poll here: Remove Defend from Skirmish?

Remove Defend from Quick Play

I like Defend. D:

I think it’s a sound concept, just needs some work.


I wouldn’t want to completely remove it. It’s a nice breather from 20 minute hunts over and over and over. I actually like it more than hunt sometimes. Both as hunter and monster.


I enjoy defend. I like it better than arena. It’s a good game mode that lets breaks up the monotony of smacking hunters or vice versa.


Could at least change the map list to only have about 1 Defend map for every 3 Hunt / Arena maps.

Because attempting to start a Defend match once every 3 rounds is ridiculous. It’s a gamemode that mostly involves fighting AI. No one wants to be doing that as frequently as the other modes.


I like defend. Even as monster. o.o


I can make a poll for you if you like.


I’m all for a defferent map rotation. Perhaps 1 defend per 20 games as you suggest is a bit harsh but these are simply numbers that can be tweaked. Personally I’d rather have it like 2-3 Hunt > 1 Arena > 2-3 Hunt > 1 Arena… and a single Defend would pop up somewhere between 10-15 games.


#Remove Defend From Skirmish?

  • A: Yes.
  • B: No.
  • C: Keep it, but make it appear less often.

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I enjoy when defend comes up in Quick Play, it’s a nice mode and a change of pace.


I like defend. Its not that hard-core action, its chilled casual gaming in which I can train characters and try out different perks.

I like it because its something else than Hunt. I like to play defend as a monster and as a hunter. Only thing that bores me is the lack of new maps for defend.


Coming back to this topic, I didn’t expect these poll results. People like Defend apparently.

But not as much as they like Hunt and Arena, and it makes no sense to me that Defend is in Skirmish but Rescue and Nest are not.

I would’ve liked all of these modes but in a much lower frequency, like so (as a general example):

  1. Hunt
  2. Arena
  3. Rescue

  1. Hunt
  2. Arena
  3. Nest

  1. Hunt
  2. Arena
  3. Defend

Etc etc…

Rescue, Nest or Defend would appear once every 3 rounds and 1 of these gamemodes specifically only once every 9 rounds.


Q remove this mode because when ever it’s my turn to be monster it this mode and I absolutely hate it

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I think Nest and Rescue weren’t included because they weren’t felt to be as balanced as Defend, but I might be remembering wrong.


Here you go:


I’ve actually started enjoying Defend lately. Gives me a reason to play Bucket at least. However it should definitely show up a bit less. Maybe 25% Defend and Arena, 50% Hunt. Also, let us skip more than once. If the players in the lobby want to play Hunt, bloody let them.


I very much enjoy Defend in the Quick Play mode, its a nice way to mix things up, adds some variety, and helps prevent burn-out after a long play session. Could Defend use some tweaking? Yea probably since it leans towards the Hunters, but its still fun and I’m enjoying learning new strategies for how to pull off my attacks against the generators.


The best suggestion is still the “vote for game mode” one.
It solves pretty much all problems ^^


Get rid of arena and put in nest and I’ll be fine.