Remove Defend from Quick Play


It’s one of the most skipped game modes. Nobody really enjoys it I don’t think. Maybe we should remove it from quick play? What do you guys think?

Please remove defend from quick play
Please remove defend from quick play
Taking defend out of quick play

How about we just remove Defend, make the game so it picks Hunt and Arena a perfect 50/50 UNLESS the players keep skipping one mode, then just stop offering the other mode.


It needs to be removed.


Defend is actually really fun. People just dont give it a chance a lot of the time. I think it should stay, since a lot of people do like it. It also adds some nice variety, which is always good.


Defend is enjoyable now … monsters & hunters have good chance of winning

It wasn’t like that before 8.0 great job TRS

Although I like it to pop on less often

Hunt should have the priority… then arena … then defend


Defend should stay, but it needs to be fixed so it’s no longer so Monster-biased. Hunt, Defend, Nest, and Rescue should all be available at all times. Arena is the only one that should go.


Dont know what you mean by monster biased, I win about every game as monster on defend. They also just buffed monsters in defend last patch. Why arena though? Thats considered the 2nd best gamemode by most people.



Well from the comments already given, it’s clear that “nobody really enjoys it” is a false statement, so I believe it should stay.

I, for one, enjoy it. I think it’s nice and smart that they made Quickplay what it is, so you can experience multiple types of gameplay centered around the conflict. Quickplay feels very casual and low pressure, it’s more about enjoyment, so I dig that.

Just vote to skip and hope people agree with you, I suppose. I know if I’d start to see people trying to skip, I’d probably lend a hand.

In the end, I think it’s better to keep it in, because there is the value of experimenting with characters and also giving face time to the other modes TRS worked hard on. I’d rather be allowed to play Defend without the ridiculous bonuses that come at the end of Evac than not be able to play Defend at all.


It’s Monster-biased in that they’ve made it impossible to win as Hunters. They completely ruined Defend in the last few patches.

Arena I just find incredibly boring. I have more fun hunting the Monster, not just jumping right into the combat.


I disagree with that too, I find defend fairly easy to win as a hunter as long as the trapper uses the dome.


Nest (hunter favorite) bucket
Defend (hunter favorite and still hunter favorite )

If you play defend with your team instead of hunt 2.0 you still have the advantage

You will fight the monster twice on the 2 generators

And 2 times in power generater

Use mobile arena when the monster has no armor

How much time do you need to kill the monster ???


I don’t. I went from a roughly 90% win rate in Defend to zero. I haven’t won a single Defend since the recent patches skewed everything in favor of the Monster.


Trapper wasn’t doing his job … this is why


Turrets do nothing and have zero health, Hunters take way too long to respawn, and Generator health is too low and goes down WAY too fast, that’s why.


i’ve already had a long chat about turrets and generators and i’d rather not spend my time digging them back up.


Defend in Quickplay

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  • Keep it in Quickplay

  • Remove from Quickplay



If a behemoth is picked on defend its over for the hunters. I have never won a Defend game going against a behemoth. Just saying…

Need a good group of hunters and communication in order to even have a chance against a behemoth on defend. That would never happen cause it’s Quickplay/causal players…


Or how about have it to where Defend and Arena don’t show up 85% of the time. Seriously I thought hunt was the bread and butter of evolve, and now it shows up THE LEAST in the casual playlist. Why is that a thing?


Or how about you stop be such a little negative person and skip and hope the majority agrees with you and skip defend when it’s time. I for one enjoy it even though i kinda feel it’s a bit monster biased. (my opinion, not saying it’s true or false as i dunno if it is biased or not.) it’s just a l2p issue on defend as it plays differently.