Remove chance of carrion birds for first 2 minutes


I’m sick of the first meal i eat as the monster giving me carrion birds. This is removing the purpose in sneaking in the game. The point of sneaking at the beginning of the game is to give you a reward for successful sneak by increasing your food eaten before hunters find you, but on the flip side its a risk because sneaking is slower and so is very bad if the sneak is unsuccessful. The carrion birds RANDOMLY appear (nothing to do with skill?!?!) and boom, GG they found you with no armour at stage 1. They have a good place in the game after about 1 minute once the hunters have landed. before no.

Please remove this it ruins the gameplay experience on both sides when this happens.

Edit: 2 minutes may be too long since the start of the game (i dont know how much time the monster gets of a head start). but say 30 seconds since the drop ship doors open instead. Either way i don’t care about the exact time delay just a way for carrion birds not to appear as/before the hunters drop


I mean on the Hunter side it really sucks to have the monster just completely shake u for the first five minutes of the match… the reward the monster gets for outpacing the hunters is the food and distance… but if the hunters never have any idea where u are it would be a boring ass 15 minutes… besides the carrion birds only work as a last known location… any smart monster is at least 70 meters away before the hunters get there


I’m all for the carrion birds not being spawned until the monster is stage 2.


I’m not. I’ve had carrion birds spawn on me 5 times in a row. Right after fighting with the hunters. I’m all for anything that increases the amount of combat in this game. Tired of everyone telling every monster to run and hide until stage 3. You can gain a lot more by taking fights while staging up.


I don’t think about it’s telling monsters to run and hide, it’s giving monsters the option to choose a path.


I want to high light this from what i said. “They have a good place in the game after about 1 minute once the hunters have landed. before no.”. You want to trick them in the direction you took as the monster as many maps have chock points in the middle of the map. But there is nothing more frustrating in this game as carrion birds activation right when the hunters drop. Even if you dont sneak it removes vital seconds.


Carrion birds can either work against you or for you. It’s your option as a Monster, and also reliant on the hunter picks. If you get birds set fake tracks, and create some destruction in the distance (something Wraith can’t do but the other two can easily). Head in a different direction from your tracks, and start feeding that way. If it’s against Maggie just sprint it out, and try to not corner yourself. She’ll likely try to cut you off quite a bit, and you’ll need to double back quite a bit.


It’s a waste to just hop in stage three with full armor anyways… might as well attack the hunters and get Some down penalties on them in exchange for ur armor and a bar of health as opposed to fighting four fresh hunters at stage 3 with no armor


It would be nice to have carrion birds not spawn on the very first meal. That way you can be encouraged to go for those big meals further but get one eating if you need.


The issue is that on some maps the monster has one to many paths… especially if there smart… I could see a balancing issue on small maps but on maps like the bio dome with its three areas it is all but essential


I don’t mean physical paths, I mean to choose their strategy. If they know Griffin is being picked they may want to counter that pick by being stealthy, however the birds spawning early on in feeding negates that valid tactical choice. Birds are needed to help hunters that are having a problem nailing down where the monster is, not to give them a get out of jail free card in those first few minutes.


Idk I like the randomness of it all that really changes a match… once in awhile the monster simply chooses the wrong path for instance and u can see him jumping away from the ship as ur bay doors open for the drop… plus like I said a great monster sees the carrion birds and checkpoints as great opportunities for a turn around as the trapper will often not spring the done without visual confirmation


I respect ur opinion on it but I wouldn’t say it negates the strategy as much as alters the degree to which it may be employed… if the monster never has to adapt then the hunters are simply chasing an uncatchable beast…Unless ur tacking, searching, and teamwork is near perfect. It also negates the team’s with caira from adding that stage one early pressure on the monster


Exactly the beauty in Evolve is how much the pathing changes. Every strategy in this game has a counter strategy. Every gameplay aspect RNG, or player picked, has something you can do about it. The best monster players will be those who can evolve their play style at a whim.


Isn’t the whole point of Carrion birds to spawn before level 2 so that hunters have at least a chance to counter or punish the evolution? There’s no reason the monster should be able to reach level 2 without some attention.


Carrion birds!! Can’t stand them and those other birds I can’t remember the name. !


Chances for carrion birds to spawn increase while you evolve. At S1 it’s not that high. Even if it’s a bit irritating, I’m fine with it as it’s not a big deal. Plus, if you kill those birds (with flame breath for example) the spot mark hunters get will disappear.


Yes there should, if the monster is good then it should be able to make it to stage 2 without conflict. That is an entirely valid strategy, and more the fool hunters if they can’t prevent it if it’s taking too long.


I’m going to have to disagree with you completely. A monster should be able to armor up without the hunters being on top of them, but getting enough food to evolve with the hunters still relying on luck to find the monster is too easy for the monster and boring for both parties.

It’s not as though being seen by birds means you’ve been caught, especially in a situation where the birds are the hunter’s first indication. You have plenty of time to change spots and stealth past the hunters.


I’m guessing you’re primarily a monster player. And you are very bad at it, if carrion birds is to some concern to you.

What you want is this: I don’t want any decent way of hunters to find me until I Evolve because I play monster and I hate being spotted. Instead, I want hunters to run around in circles with no decent way of finding so I can gloat at the end that I won the game because I managed to evolve all the time without challenge.

You might want to look up the word BALANCE in the dictionary.