Remove ALL Jetpack perks (Monster and Hunter)

That wasn’t his point

I see that his point was the Grounder Perk makes dodging obsolete for Hunters, which was already implied. So rather than restating it, could he have not provided an opinion?

I read his opinion as that lumping the perks together as you have is not a fair grouping

Yes, it does. What you’re suggesting is to remove an entire perk from Hunters while the Monsters don’t really lose anything and you’re suggesting Hunters to pick something else which isn’t even the same thing (jump height, movement speed).

I never said “y u hate huntrz?”, show me where I typed that. I actually gave a clear explanation which you horribly misinterpreted, and the only thing you replied with was repeating the same thing in your OP and claiming to say something that I never did to hide your weak arguement.


I happen to share the same stance as Slewey, the Grounder perk shouldn’t exist, period. And simply removing the jetpack perks for the Hunters is outright shafting them as it still takes some level of skill to actually make use of those perks whereas the same cannot be said for Grounder, at all.

Fact of the matter is that the Grounder perk was a very narrow sighted “solution” for a problem that didn’t exist, and simply lumping the Hunter jetpack perks into the same category as Grounder is a silly way of looking at things.


My “weak argument” is that both Hunters and Monsters are hurt by the fact that these Jetpack Perks are in the game. Scroll back through the forums a bit and you find both:

So no, this is not just shafting Hunters and favoring Monsters. By making the Jetpacks uniform, this actually gives value to these abilities like the Jetpack boost from Sunny, and the speed increase from Caira, while also keeping the power of Fuel Management that skilled Hunters have. It also gives players a reason to take the Perks that increase their Movement Speed, because why would you take that when recharging fuel faster lets you use dodge to get around the map faster? Having these perks in the game, IMO, only lowers the skill ceiling of the game.

This is the last time I’m repeating this, Hunters basically lose an entire perk, don’t get anything back in compensation for that loss, and Monsters don’t lose anything themselves besides a perk that shouldn’t exist and your solution you’re telling Hunters is “choose something else”.

I can’t put it any simpler than that on how horrible that outcome will be.

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Yes, Hunters lose an entire perk, don’t get anything back in compensation for that loss, and they should just pick something else. HOWEVER, the Hunters are also gaining a perk (in a sense) because so long as the Jetpack Perks exist, the movement speed and jump height perks are used by literally nobody. When is the last time you took Mutated Celerity/Cybernetic Implants? Now, when is the last time you took Afterburners/Rocket Lord/Extra Fuel Tank?

I don’t see how it would be a horrible outcome at all? The only thing it would do it make Sunny more popular (especially after her Drone nerf) and make Caira’s Acceleration Field more relevant than just chasing the Monster between Domes. And most people don’t even know you get a speed boost if you run along side Daisy, Maggie’s pet, which is a feature that isn’t used at all now. The worst that I can see coming out of removing these perks is people complaining about how now they actually have to dodge attacks instead of just being able to float over the Monster while it looks up waiting and being shot.

I expand on my argument now by stating that I have been on both ends here, I’ve played Hunters with maxed out Jetpack, I’ve played Monster and had maxed out Jetpack used on me (I dont like taking Grounder because I feel it is too OP), and I can say, from experience, that the only things they do is make the game less enjoyable. People every day cant figure out how to escape Hunters after a dome because the Jetpacks give them just as much speed as the Monster, which is supposed to be faster in the first place. The Jetpacks are incredibly useful, and are a required asset for Hunters to be able to win, but these Perks, while intended to be helpful and give Hunters more breathing room, players just abuse them in cheesy ways and make other Perks obsolete with them.

If it so detrimental to the quality of the game to remove them, then they should be nerfed to the point where they aren’t the only Perks used by 3/4 of the Hunter team.

I don’t have Stage 2 yet, but as soon as I saw those perks, my hype to get back into a Hunter team plummeted. Looks like I’m sticking with Monster.

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So to translate that “Hunters gain something that there’s all along, so in the end they never really gained anything in the first place.”

You keep saying this. And you say my argument is so weak, and that I do nothing to expand on it, but this is the third time you have said “Hunter get nothing”. Holy shit, yes, as I already said, Hunters dont get anything. FFS if you are gonna keep posting, say something else.

unhappycupcake, I agreed with you wholeheartly.
I had a strong feeling since i started plaing this game a little less than month ago, that perks, especially JP perks are just too powerfull. Having them equipped is game changer, same with monster, same with hunters.
Devs got wrong mindset, trying to make counter to perk volatile to gameplay, instead of trying to balance problematic perk. Making perks, that counter mobility perks forces players to use said mobility perks, for without them they will become permanently grounded by monster, that stays in close combat…
In my opinion i feel, that developers need to rethink the design of perks, not to make some of them overly effective.

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So newish player here, and I gotta say yall’s forum community kinda sucks- most people are just yelling at their screens here.

But from an outsider’s perspective, why not just wait a week? They get the new monster win data, they realize both perks are stupid. Jet packs get a small universal buff (perhaps higher flight time, or more dodges) and both perks are removed. This way hunters aren’t completely … ahem… “shafted” but both dangerous perks get removed.

This may be over simplifying the problem, but at least it’s realistic. Every time I’ve seen this discussion it’s just the same 4 people fighting for one side or another :expressionless:

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because the changes are coming too soon, too fast and essentially turning evolve into an auto pilot game. TRS do not budge on these changes and seem to be too stubborn to admit their mistakes.
Forget the fact that the Evolve community will always be a fanboy majority who’ll try to smother any criticism, it’s just the way it is.

Actually Hunters lose three entire perks across three tiers. At least.

He says “ALL” Jetpack perks, so…Jetpack Recharge, Jetpack Thrust, Jetpack Efficiency, and RocketMan has those as well, so remove that too?

Meanwhile monsters just lose the one perk, Grounder.

Doesn’t sound fair. And I play a lot of monster too.

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as a complete newbie I can only convey what I have seen in the lets plays that piqued my interest in this game.

I do wonder about the use of the jump and MS speed perks, as hardly anyone seems to ever use them and only having a baby account now I’m not exactly equipped to experiment with them. (tried hopping a bit, but the base jump is…pathetic… and the MS speed perk that I unlocked from I think the tutorial while useful doesn’t speed up the character nearly enough for monster combat…as its only 4%)

same with monster smell and armor recovery perks, I just see cooldown, damage reduction and damage bonus perks being spammed (and since the recent patch…stream monster players greatly favor the gold “grounder” perk. )

if you invested heavily in MS, jump or a combination of them, would these abilities (jumping/running) actually be useful compared to the jetpack?

Sorry but without the jetpack regen perks the game is unplayable vs any decent monster

You go from a skill-based dodging fight ,to a mmorpg dps race where you facetank everything except a couple of strong moves

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I use a 425% jump height as Medic. I hate this perk (Grounded) because of the times when I need to use my jetpack to get out of focus or recover myself. A player who does not chose jetpack perks, even perks you suggested like movement speed is effected negatively. They might only use their JP for dodging, but the monsters then take away any sort of successful dodging.

All in the name of fixing a minor problem that a few new monsters (Goliath and Wraith in perticular) were having.

Now I have to pick perks to counter-pick the Grounded perk.

Like I’ve said multiple times in this thread, TRS made a horrible solution to a minute problem and is essentially fucking over anyone who chooses to use non-jetpack perks, like myself.

The whole argument that monsters are losing a perk is BS. If a monster keeps meleeing the hunters, they can’t dodge attacks, making DI, CDR, or any other combat-orientated buffs useless, because now the hunters eat the abilities up. This also leaves 2 other perk slots for perks such as movement.

Or somewhere above, someone said something about the only viable perks is Damage Increase perks and CDR. Everything else is just useless.

But I agree nonetheless.

I, and a lot of players who use Caira in competitve, take Reload and Capacity for T2 and 3 perks over Jetpack ones.

It’s just an example but a lot of characters benefit more from perks other than Jetpack, and wouldn’t be unplayable without them.

That being said I agree that Jetpack perks shouldn’t be removed and they’re fine.

But you’d be eating any and every ability that came your way. Unless you happen to run Hank on your team, you’d do fine, but the others down in pubs and even mid-level will suffer. Medics like Val, Emet, and Laz aren’t very self-sufficient and can’t tank abilities, some even with a good Hank cannot.

I use full Jump Boost perks as Medic, and this Grounded perk is taking away what little dodge I have. On top of poor self-sustaining Medics, Medics who are non Caira, Slim and sometimes Laz, will eat abilities without Hank or even Sunny.

TRS should fix how players can essentially hover over the monster, but adding a perk to counter it was not the right way. I get that it’s a problem among most Goliath and Wraith players, but like I said, TRS could have done better, and anyone who does not pick jetpack perks albeit Medic or not is caught in the crosshairs. This is why I have a problem with it.