Remove air pounce


I disagree with 99% of people who want the pounce nerfed.

No earth under me. What did he pin me to? This isn’t the exact clip I wanted to use but my xbox was not being cool. A wraith teleported me into his clutches via an air pounces. Hunters should have to be close enough to the ground to get pounced. Not snatched from way out of attack range and forced to watch the monster cascade down like the last auburn maple leaf of fall.


holy fuck that kill.

ahem sorry.


It is the only clip I had of being air pounced but I recorded or for other reasons clearly lol


Yeah, recently I’ve been getting air-pounced too. I think- THINK, mind you- it’s a bug/latency issue, but I am unsure. @MacMan Is it? ;W;

My advice for this- dodge to the side instead. Ineffective, but better than nothing.


Better than dodging backwards too apparently.


Dodge backwards and they’ll soar fifty feet through the air, snag you from a meter away and nail you to the floor.


That is always the weirdest thing to be a part of!


It’s frustrating. I was playing a match today, a Wratih killed my pleb team mates- @ToiletWraith and @Shin- so I took it upon myself, as the big, strong man (Torvald) I am to kill its ass myself.

Moartars. Shotgun. Dodge backwa- POUNCED. ;W; My own bad for dodging back.


Pounce is alright, but sometimes it’s extremely annoying…
You jump off a cliff, they pounce you in mid air. So, yeah…
You use SS, and get pounced in mid fire… Wasting your cooldown.


You were standing still on that one, your fault there!


ALSO- The most EPIC way to dodge a pounce here. Very difficult to time but EXTREMELY useful and disorienting for the Monster- run forwards and boost around him. You are now behind the Monster and he’s just pounced in the opposite direction. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s unfair imo. ^.^
And I have to be standing still… Parnell isn’t going to get any damage, without headshots. That makes him extremely vulnerable to pounces, and his gun doesn’t stop them like the other assaults. Well, bar Torvald. And he can stop it with mortars.

I was standing in front of him, to hit his head. I was about to kill him. : /
Then, pounced.


Well if they had an animation for a mid air pounce then you would be held until you hit the ground. On a side note did a see a mammothbird? >.>


Sloth to the rescue!!!

Insert rescue heroes theme here


I’m not even angry, that was a good pounce


The weirdest pounce is when you lift straight off into the air for like 50 meters all while wailing at your victim… Ever happened to you?


Yeah i’ve seen it happen. One time they flew so high I couldn’t shield the pounced person anymore and bullets wouldn’t knock the kraken(only seen it happen on kraken) off the hunter and the monster later said they tried to release but they couldn’t while they were in the air.


Yeah, if Kraken uses a burst just before a pounce you fly like 50m up into the air and float down slowly while still taking pounce damage. That’s a really cheesy tactic IMO. :expressionless:


Lol yeah add legitimate air pouncing and watch the positive response it gets.


I think it’s a latency issue.

It doesn’t make me any less furious when it happens though.