Remove 60 second matchmaking delay time


I do not agree with how everytime I leave a game for whatever reasons that I have to be penalized and force to wait 60 seconds before I can join another game the matchmaking already takes forever as is so we dont need to wait any longer to play than we already have to so with that being said you should remove the 60 seconds delayed until being able to resume feature


Uh…stop quiting?


even when I leave a game at the end of the match to find a new lobby I still have to wait 60 seconds


Report that in the bug section. That shouldn’t be happening.


Having the same issue. Looking for bug thread. Why hasn’t someone stickied it?


Shouldn’t be punished for quitting before match even starts. The matchmaking is broken, 6 times in a row, all different matches it put me as the monster. That is broken. I have to wait about 20 minutes between actually getting to play a full match because they keep matching me up with people who have same class priorities.


A thousand times no…

The leaving penalty is already shamefully low I think it should be 5 minutes for leaving a game, then it would stop people bitching out and ruining games. If your not prepared to play a game through then don’t join it in the first place would be my advice.


I agree there needs to be a time to quit after a game before it auto recues, for example in Evac if you wait for the end starts your through into the next cue and if you need to leave that would be a harsh deserter.


Quit rage quitting. If you were genuinely leaving a game, “for whatever reason”, you wouldn’t even notice the timer because it would have gone away by the time you come back.
Clearly you’re quitting in rage and then mahing the buttons trying to get back in immediately after.


I do not rage quit or quit in the middle of the match I quit either Before I even start playing or after the match is over and i still get delayed and I only quit before playing if it puts me in the middle of the match and im playing as something I have no desire to play as, if im trying to play evacuation as the monster and they put me as a hunter im not gonna wait until its over to play as the monster i rather just start playing as what I want and if I quit before even taking over the bot I shouldnt get penalized if i quit after the match and pressing the leave game option i shouldn’t be penalized


quits before he is killed so he can cheat the leaderboards haha not no more


Leavers should be punished for the sake of the matchmaking flow, or heck track their disconnects in the profile, but on the same side one thing they need to implement that you can lock out out either monster or hunters in your preference, when i get hunter i dont mind playing a different hunter, but i dont want to be forced to play monster encouraging me to leave. Personally i dont care about the 1 minute and the loss i get on my record, so their change didnt happen for me.


Sometimes forced to leave because game freezes idc about winning or loosing i just want to be able to play as who I want to play as


Matchmaking takes forever? Really?

Matchmaking usually dumps me in a random match within 10 seconds of starting to search. I’d rather have matchmaking take longer and actually find a decent match instead of dumping me in the first one.

Until that happens, I agree with removing the timer. When I have monster and support on the 4th and 5th spot, that means I don’t want to play them. Easy, yet matchmaking fails to understand this.
I get support or monster MUCH more often than my 3rd spot: assault. About the same amount as my first and second spots (trapper/medic).

Yes I will leave when I get yet another in-progress match as monster or support. I can’t help it that matchmaking is terrible and I shouldn’t be punished with a 1 minute timeout because it is.