Remember your first matches?


Do you guys remember your first matches as Monster or Hunter?

When I was brand new, I didn’t know that there was a minimap. I got lost as Goliath in the forest of Refueling Tower, confused how the Hunters knew where I was when I didn’t even know. :stuck_out_tongue:

And in the north? side of Orbital Drill, where the dune beetle, megamouth, and armadon spawns, I was just lost. The map felt endlessly for me. I didn’t know what the wildlife did, any feeding routes, nothing at all.

As Hunter, oh boy. I felt like it would be impossible to take down a Monster, let alone find one. Luckily, they were pretty new as I was. A stage 1 monster was fighting a sloth near spawn where we killed him. :stuck_out_tongue:

So how did you guys start off when brand new to the game? What’s happened that you’ll never forget? What n0ob experiences have you had? What did you think of Evolve?



Dude!!! I didn’t know about the mini map for so long. I’d get so lost, and looking back I’d evolve in the dumbest places lol.

I preordered the game, and must’ve played 10 games against bots before I finally won one. Only was interested in Monster at first, and have never enjoyed online games like CoD. So when I beat the bots and decided to try online, I was so nervous. But, all the players back then were so new, I was WRECKING Hunter’s left and right lol. I was so freaking ecstatic, the players were worse than the bots XD

That feeling you’d get when the Trapper threw the dome and you heard it, but you narrowly got out. So good… I Miss the five second domes a lot, even from a Trappers perspective. They required more skill.


When I first got the game all I did was play against bots as well to learn new stuff. My first online match I joined I came in after character select and I think I was trapper but I didn’t play the match through because half the team of hunters was like stuck in the map. The match I found after that I came in after character select again but this time I was the monster and I took control of a Behemoth but I didn’t pay attention in the monster tutorial so I got domed and I ended up falling in a hole between the dome and a wall but I didn’t know how to climb so I just sat in the hole and died lol.


Same. XD

I was able to beat random people before being able to tackle bots, and the difficulty was balanced.

Poor Bob. :’(

I loved how Og looked like when he climbed and I was on a climbing frenzy. (Don’t ask why. :stuck_out_tongue: )

In the Fusion Plant, I think, I was trying to climb every single wall that I could. I was so sad when I couldn’t climb the edges of the map.


I remember someone told me that you didnt leave prints when sneaking and leaping so that’s all I ever did.

Not sure if it was true, but 2/3 of the maps had a giant river running through them so…


I wish someone could’ve told me anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

My cousin bought a Ps4 bundle with a few games, with Evolve being one of them, but he only played Gta V. He said he wanted to sell the other games but he let me try some of them out, and that’s how I met Evolve. I knew how water will erase your tracks the hard way, by accident. The game is a blast when you’re still learning it and I wish I could go back to that stage.

Seemingly endless maps, a badass Monster that seems impossible to kill, the good 'ol days.


I knew exactly what to do after the tutorial, I got destroyed by the Hunters but never died

But my first match: I leaped away as far as I could and ate as much as I could until stage 3. By then I didn’t know the Hunters were camping at the relay so I was using every last energy bar to stay away. When I finally got to the relay I knew I was more powerful than the hunters and I killed them and ate there bodies and still do that to this day


I always revived people normally then use the laz device on dead people only lol. And I flee till 3 a lot!!!
My first match I was Val or Hank idk but that match made he hooked till this day.


i remember nothing


Ignorance is bliss?

Or something like that, I forgot. /Kappa


i think i was like a goliath or something


I was a mediocre goliath player to start with (until I unlocked Kraken and remained a mediocre goliath player with more compatible options!) but I was still ignorant of one fundamental aspect of Hunt - the tutorials never mention the Dome. I remember playing the tutorials and seeing the dome walls, thinking it was just some bit of tacked-on game design to make me do what the tutorials wanted. Then I got into matches and was running away from some hunters when I slammed into the blue wall of death. I had no idea what was going on, thought maybe the next part of the zone hadn’t loaded or something, then I started getting shot and turned around to eat some people. Still, seems a glaring omission from the Monster tutorials since the Hunter one just focuses on dirt basics and only features Markov…


ooh my first match!

when I first did online I played laz and we died :smiley:
The funny thing was that they were shouting at me to hurry up and revive, when the monster was camping the body. So I sat there and they got p*ssed off, when the monster was still camping. In fact I got one rez and they still accused me of being a noob when I was doing what I should have done they weren’t even doing damage. They were trying to revive him before he died lol.


my first match was monster. I FAILED!!! I could even see the hunters until I realized sniffing helps lol


First match was as Cabot with my friend who was new as well and my pt til this day as caira (he’s still playing her and he’s hella good). I was so lost, the maps seemed HUGE and never ending. The cliffs seemed humungous, and I remember my friend telling me that the medic and the support should stay on cliffs so I climbed up them all the time for no reason. I also remember we versed the wraith on Weather Control I think it was, and the jetpack was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in a FPS. I remember flying everywhere and it was so freaking fun. Then I saw the wraith supernova and I got so freaking scared!! My friend and I were screaming and having a blast and running away and we were like “OH MY GOD ITS A TV STATIC MONSTER RUNN!!!” Second match was on aviary, versing kraken. I remember he placed banshee mines EVERYWHERE and the screech they made scared the living shit outta me. Ahhh the good ole’ days.
First match as monster was on orbital drill as kraken versing bots, I remember being all nervous because the hunters would find me and I didn’t know how to fight as kraken, I was just trying to unlock wraith. I would always go for the power relay even though the hunters were right next to me. I didn’t play online as monster until I was alot more experienced and familiar with the maps, and I would dominate as wraith because super nova was too powerful back then.


I remember when I got scared by getting grabbed by megamouth’s even though I knew they we there it was just so sudden I still kinda get cared when I get grabbed if I don’t notice them


Oh boy, I joined Evolve a bit too late when I started playing end of August 2015. I got recked in Hunt mode so much, that I was forced to get good in Solo mode before I attempted to try again.

It is only since now that I am able to climb the ladder in Hunt 2.0, Silver here I come!


You should probably remove that or put it in a spoiler.


I am not sure why it is so bad does anyone know


Played ten straight games as Goliath on multiplayer. Lost all of them. Most at stage 1.

Lost most if not all of my hunter games as well.
I’m now an excellent hunter and usually win if I have a good team with me.
But I am still a mediocre monster. I’m getting up there on the leaderboards but everyone around me has like a 7.0 W/L ratio and I got a 1.50.