Remember; You are responsible for new player's overview of the game


Make sure your allies don’t blindly follow maggie and the footprints; Tell 'em to predict where the monster will go, and cut them off there.


I learned quickly in the beta, you don’t stand a chance if you don’t help out people learning the game.


Generally, they’ll follow a Trapper unless they see birds or prints. Especially if you tell them to, with text chat or Xbox messages or whatever. =D


Yeah. Still, alpha-beta players are responsible for the new players.


I am the Alpha and the Omega. Follow me… and do a MAST split so we can get this fool domed ASAP, got it?


MAST huh? Better than “Trapport” and “Medsalt”


That works too… But sounds suspiciously like shipping terminology… :wink:


Well then…


I feel that blindly following daisy is a critical part of the learning curve as a trapper. It helps identify the common paths a monster takes, which can later be used to identify good choke points.

Then again, the game is not out yet and I know nothing. Griffin op.


Didn’t think about that.


You do have a solid point about us teaching the finer points about the game once players get ready for the high level of play.

Once a player gets an account to level 5, I think they are ready to learn how to hunt like the pros. Special emphasis on learn, not perfect.


Yeah, which is why I believe, again, the mentor mode capability would be prime. Possibly have a white “M” badge like the masteries akin to the elite badge beside your name.

If enough people find you helpful, maybe you can get some specific skins or badges or something depending on how many people you’ve helped?

Not sure, @Macman would have to have a say.

Can probably toggle off “receive mentor help” or “volenteer to be a mentor”


Ya, I’ll remember to give a couple good tips to the players I’ll play with. But I’m quite sure @Denny will be there to play with me anyways. :blush:


This is a good thread!

Also people, remember. There will be a LOT of noobs on release. People who haven’t even played any of the tests. Be helpful and remember they’re just learning so don’t expect pro level play the first week! :smile:

We want them to stick around!


Aye, if you’re a pro and come up against new players as a monster, consider throwing the game a couple of times, but not too much. You want to hook em in.


New Medic must now utilize Healing Salts that s/he throws around other Hunters. Also, Daisy must sneeze adorably when she is healed this way.

TRS MAKE IT SO! :smiley:



This needs to happen.


Plus, you can use the term “MASTer” for those that use the tactic. Evolve MASTery.


I like this idea, but many other games I don’t think have really done that well in implementing the system.
League of Legends has its accolades system to vote for “helpful”, “teamwork” and the like. This system doesn’t really reward the player for being helpful or a team player.
TF2 has a mentoring system, but I have never been impacted by that system either.

I would love to see TRS make a good mentoring system that rewards players in a meaningful way for giving good advice. I got burned out on LoL because of how complicated it was and how it felt like a job to keep up with the game. If the community embraces a system like this I think it would decrease responses like the one I had to LoL. I want to have fun even if I don’t win.


And that’s why i’ll stick to my monster.And annihilate them.Then when the game ends write stuff like:

     *ggwp nabs l2p you little shits huehueheu*

PS.I’m a bad person