Remember when you used be able to sneak until stage 2


i don’t… gets carrion birds on either 1st, 2nd or if im lucky 3rd meal

abe:ok sneaking is possible with abe only < only him sadly IF theres distance between you(carrion birds) and him, there is some hope

griffin:once you get carrion birds you are most likely to get into his sounds spikes and it turns to a dine and dash

daisy: the trapper, >.> i dare someone to sneak at stage 1 against daisy the hunter/trapper

crow: hes in the same boat as griffin, once you get carrion birds, he gets the general direction where to look and not let go

if this fits your monster scenerio let us know, if there is something i missed as in something much more evil let us know >.>


How about eating in caves or anywhere with a “roof” above your prey? Plenty of places like that on most maps. This solves carrion birds issue at least.


Hell, I can’t remember one single game I didn’t get Carrion Birds before I got half my Stage One Evolve meter.


you do know at high level gameplay the hunters always head towards the caves if they cant find you right?

if not your one lucky guy, they always head towards the caves, and sometimes there is only 1 cave ^.^ raise your hand if you get a stage with 1 cave :blush: /

caves are useless against daisy ofcourse u know this


i kinda do, in the alpha lol i think in the alpha/beta you only got carrion birds near full stage 2 or after you turned stage 2


Oh yeah. Forgot the Alpha.

But that’s because of a number of things- first of all animals were meatier. Striders were three, Reavers were two, etc.And then the Evolve meter was smaller. You needed less meat.


the game, the game has changed >.> for dah hunters sniff


Dont get me started on AI, lol sneak? whats that?


Just had a match tonight where I got 3 carrion birds in the span of a minute. You know, because the hunters couldn’t tell where I was the first time… -___-


My philosophy is speed>sneak (in most cases). When I first started I used to always sneak, and I mean ALWAYS. Now I only ever really sneak if the situation calls for it.


Well, you do have a head start, so by the time hunters drop, dick around a little and realize that they “can’t find you”, then reach that cave, you’d be probably ready or nearly ready for that stage 2. After that you can make them waste a dome (try to dodge it, and if failed, just juke hard to avoid health damage), then while dome is on cooldown run away far enough and evolve. But what I was talking about originally is not just caves, it’s basically anything that covers the sky even a little bit, like some bridge. On the other note, sneaking is overrated.


Far more easily said than done. Evolving is delayed quite a bit, you’ll be found more easily and with less armor.

The list of cons is huge.


That part with getting domed can be skipped, instead you can always try to stay out of their line of sight, but if you know where to go (some spot that’s quite likely to have quite a few of 2-3 meat wildlife) and kill 1-2 animals right before you evolve, then eat them right afterwards, you should be able to get enough armor, even if not full. And you will have 3 more points in your abilities.
I mean if it was easy to sneak and completely avoid hunters at will, it wouldn’t be much of a challenge to get to stage 3 as well, at which point monster gets a noticeable advantage. These kind of things are not so easy to balance.


i :cry: every time


Ah, I still remember the days I completely used to sneak to evo2. Sometimes it took about 10 minutes and probably frustrated the Hunter team to tears.

Sneaking still works to a degree even against good teams (who for whatever reason don’t pick Maggie) but only in certain maps. In others though it’s just not a viable option anymore. Sneaking in those maps is reduced to short time jukes.

And for Carrion Birds, if you don’t want to take the time to actually leash wildlife into caves/closed/roofed up spaces you might as well murder as much as you can in a certain radius before eating with very probable carrions and move on after.


I don’t have a problem sneaking till stage 2 with kraken. Even against lvl 40 hunters. I will almost always sneak with kraken unless they have daisy. Screw daisy!


I tried once, killing carrion birds every time they came upon my kills and I THINK that by doing that you reduce the number of carrion birds thus reducing how often they appear. Really all that means is by stage 3 you MIGHT not have carrion birds on your food.