Remember, My monster friends: A few tips


Dear Monster,

Some people get frustrated on how Lazarus comes around and revives his allies behind your back. You don’t need to camp the body if you can knock the guys away for a few seconds.

If you want to stop those stealth-revives, eat the body or stick around it for 45 seconds. Eating it produces the “Decayed” state, and it takes 45 seconds for a hunter’s body to decay (Unless this is changed post-beta).

Stage 1 makes a small monster. Sneaking and hiding in bushes and behind rocks can throw hunters off, allowing you to let them pass by and sneak the opposite direction.

Hunters are pretty smart. Expect some of them to take Elite buffs while you are stage 1 or 2 just so it can decay before you hit Stage 3. Keep an eye out for the strong buffs (Tyrant and Megamouth) while traversing around the map. If it’s dead, sniff around then pick it up. Don’t let a good buff go to waste! (Same for us, hunters).

Stage 3 isn’t the only place to fight. If you are at full or 2/3 armor, try and scrape up a few hunters and deal permanent damage to them. If you get domed in, turn and fight until you are low armor. When this happens, keep them away with knockbacks and keep running around rocks and cliffs until the dome is down.

Smart hunters split in pairs. If you encounter them, take out the medic or trapper first. If they cloak, use AoE. If you don’t want to sustiain damage, run through them. Why? The other two are going to pinsir you in from behind.

Your loathed hunter.


Dear hunter,

A few tips… Never assume that you are the one hunting when your boots first touch the ground. I may be small, but I could take you 1v1 any day. remember you are fighting on my turf, and I can better utilize the terrain than you. When scaling up the side of a wall, it’s good practice to be shooting when you reach the top, lest a well placed pounce ruin your day.

Sometimes a pincer is a sign of your over confidence. Remember that if you are cut off from your full team, your effectiveness is exponentially reduced, and if I see you an your buddy alone, I can and will engage and drop you before you team can come help.

Also, please remember to bathe in a salt and herb bath for a few hours before you come over for dinner… It will save me a lot of work.

Yours truly


Dead Hunters,

Please stop bringing Hank. He doesn’t bathe and tastes awful.


And he insists on feeding you “space bombs”


Dear monsters, all those level 1 hunters are making you fatt.

Allow me to introduce you to the energy shield diet.

And for you Hank, save your barrage. A single harpoon, no matter what trapper + a quick barrage is enough to take a respectable chunk of the monsters health off. As you get better, you can try to coordinate with the trapper for an even better effect.

Hadet på badet.


I think kraken might know a bit about eating all those level 1 hunters.


No monster in his right mind will try camping a body for 45 seconds. The damage you’ll eat in this time isn’t worth 1 strike on any hunter. The approach is the following:


The nice thing about Laz on their team means that your first goal is to incap the trapper when you are domed and just move on if you are not commiting to a fight. Commiting would entail having a good advantage or they are all low hp. For instance, fighting with 2 Dune Beetles could make an easy end for the Hunters if you are using them well.



8 times out of 10 when camping a body the monster will lose all of his advantage in armor, health and initiative. And even if he lands that kill, that strike on that one hunter, the overall balance will still most likely shift in favour of the hunters.


a good tip I tend to use is once you stage 2 with full armour dont be afraid to turn and fight you often catch hunters off guard if you start the fight or take advantage of a megamouth lead the hunters past it then turn and fight

you get quite abit of your evolve meter filled up by fighting and get to soften up the hunters for stage 3