Remastered games

Since the Xbox one and ps4 have come out, there have been a few remastered oldies that everyone loves. But there’s one series of games I feel deserves a remastered treatment more than any other…
The L4D series! L4D and L4D2 are my number one favorite games. Everything about them was perfect.
Good amount of humor, good amount of action, good amount of team work and competitiveness. In my opinion, they were so perfectly balanced that good team work really was the only deciding factor on whether or not you won. And the characters were amazing! I’d pay any amount of money to see at least one of the L4D characters made into a hunter lmao. or even better, make the Hunter into a new monster! So the hunters can hunt the Hunter :wink: I just miss those games so much

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If you have a One, I’m pretty sure both L4D are within the first 100 backwards compatibile games in November along with the original Dark Souls and Red Dead Redemption.

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I would be ok with a remastered L4D, but I was not a fan of L4D2.

Remastered Dishonored comes out next week!!!

The one game series (besides Gears of War; because of the lag and glitches in the game) that truly deserves a remaster is the GTA III canon games (GTA III, GTA Vice City, and San Andreas). Those games didn’t come with the multiplayer that was developed for them, and the quality of the games definitely gives them reasons for needing updates.

As a player who played on L4D’s top competitive Xbox team for several seasons, it has a lot of problems that need to be addressed for a remaster.

The game is mostly dead now, with a few leftover teams of old-school players including my own still active but a remaster would still be awesome. As far as I’m aware, L4D2 was a downgrade on a lot of the asymmetrical mechanics L4D was based on and left a sour taste in the competitive scene. However, it was a big upgrade in the amount of content offered.

L4D1 was indeed a pinnacle of asymmetrical gameplay in its time and the 4v4 meant competitively, both sides had to perform at the same level of teamwork to come out on top. It’s still one of my favorite games today and I would take a L4D1 remaster over L4D3 any day as long as it’s done properly.

I wish Dead Rising 2 got remastered to PS4 and XB1 but that won’t happen. DR2 has to be the best Zombies game IMO :smile: