Relook at perk stack


After tu9 update the balance was good … but since then I have unlocked some perks that are skewing the balance a lot when they stack… for eg… monster eat buff when maxed out in all slots let monster Evolve in under 1 min… yes 1 min Evolve that’s so fast that by the time we even come to his location he is stage 2 … and almost half way to 3…

I’m sure you guys tested all perk combinations but there are some that needs a reelook…

All elite monsters are doing the 1min Evolve thing now it’s getting annoying …


Can you take a picture of you actually doing this?


Not me I’ve played vs some Gorgons and wraiths lvl40s and when I checked the timer it was showing 1 min 2 secs … I asked hi what perk he used he said move speed eatbuff maxed something

I’ll snap a screenshot when he does it again


Video of players doing it would be best. It sounds like a hacks.


i usually have shadowplay replay on for games… For Evolve it sometimes crashes or wont open… The ALT-Z default shortcut to open shadowplay in game sometimes minimizes game and opens in steam and says game must be running to record…

I havent faced this issue in other games. I updated latest beta drivers for Nvidia experience… (beta has youtube stream feature) …
It works most of times though .

Ill save replay if i see this happen next time


I did a test in solo it turns out you can get a Evolve in about 1 min 20 secs if you maxout the following perks
Slot 1 : Hunger - 40% feed + 8% mov
Slot 2 : Insatiable Hunger - 80% feed + 15% mov
Slot 3 : Evolved Haste - 20% mov

I did a test in distillery twice it was a about 1:20 ± 5 secs… Im not best monster player but im sure better players can shave couple of secs of this…
Video link below :
Test 1:

Test 2:

With just movement speed maxed out in all 3 slots it took 1:45 to evolve…

I also tested time it took for hunters to reach the vicinity of evolve… its about 1:40 secs if they dont beeline and about 1:20 if they beeline.

Video link :
If hunter Beelines to the evovle area

if hunter doesnt beeline

So my question to @GentlemanSquirl is this ok? was this intended? to me playing with randoms i have to keep the morale of team up they just loose it when they hear a 1:20 evolve …

And it might have been 1:20 evolve which I said was 1:02 earlier in post I dont take screenshots a lot so dint remember it properly. It was very fast and we just caught up to him and he was stage 2.


I’ll keep an eye on it. Next patch evolving requires a couple ticks more of food, so it’ll slow down. I can look at the win rates for those perks and see what it looks like.

Need to figure out if getting an early Evolve is ok if you have little to no combat perks?


good to know… mods can probably invis this thread dont want every monster to do this :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s worth noting that good players will probably force you to slow down, they will pursue you, hound you and not let you eat nonstop. Bots aren’t that great at it.

But yeah, I agree that some monsters can evolve too fast. I remember fighting a Gorgon who was on a 72 winstreak who evolved in one minute and forty seconds ish. It was ridiculous.


That sucks. Gonna have to rework my pathing :frowning: Only reason I’ve been getting early evolves is by fooling hunters by their planetary scanner. Which is easy to do on Distil/Orbital Drill if they don’t know the juke paths. Even if you guys do decide to increase it by 2/3 meat that path already has 6 more meat within 5s of travel time :stuck_out_tongue: on both Orbital and Distil.


@Mt_Everett did u read the post properly?? 1:20 Evolve is a thing and u have barely spawned to even interrupt the monster u spawn at 30 ish seconds… so in reality u hear an evolve in about 40 secs after you drop … howz are u goign to interrupt feeding when monster is half map away and ur at drop ship


Well, if he’s gotten that much of his bar filled, he must have been devouring basically everything he found, correct? I find it hard to believe that someone could get to the other side of the map from spawn AND get a full evolve meter in basically one minute and fifteen seconds.

The fastest Evolves I’ve seen are with him not too far away when he Evolves.

I mean, I could be wrong. I just don’t think it’s quite that bad.


You spawn at 45s if I remember correctly


Forty five seconds? Are you sure?

I’ve never seemed to remember it as that high. If it is, wow.


I’m pretty sure that’s when you’re actually having control over your character. You can actually see out of the dropship at about 35s. The first 10s of the match are also just the monster doing nothing so it isn’t too bad. It’s about a 30s head start.


Oh. Well then.

I apologize, OP, I am a bit of a noob I suppose.


The counter to these strategies is knowing they’re pulling them off. Your trapper should hold off using PS until 50/55s into the game. Right at 45 is when a lot of the juke options become available.


Most Trapper use it basically immediately, which is something that I personally take advantage of by turning sharply off. Is an extra ten seconds really that much?


It is. You don’t have 10s to wait at a juke location. I always have to use my secondary route on maps when they hold the PS otherwise I’ll end up in an even worse location. What makes these paths strong but dangerous is you’re doing a U type shape for all of them. Meaning you’re heading back towards the hunter team which means if they know what you’re doing they can cut you off very easily.


if you consider 30 secs it takes for hunters to drop yest 40 secs after hunters drop…