Reload Speed perk


So I heard it’s going to get nerfed with the next update to %25, is TRS also going to fix it so it affects all 4 of the hunters abilities finally? This is a day 1 bug. @MacMan


Well it now affects “Electronic items” so I take it that it’ll benefit everything bar Class Cooldowns. And I remember one of the devs somewhere saying that it was not supposed to affect Class Cooldowns.


It is supposed to affect all 4 abilities, @MrStrategio confirmed this.


Ah, okay.

I thought it did already?


No it still doesn’t affect the slot for Laz personal cloak, Hank’s orbital, Cabot’s Dust Tag etc.



I presume it will after the patch./


Hopefully, really want to test Lazarus out with this.


its going to effect laz cloak orbital dust tag and SUPERSOLDIER etc. after the next hotfix

atleast thats what i get from reading mac’s posts


It would make Laz better, so it could be nice.