Reload speed or class ability CDR on Slim?


Heey there,

I was wondering what would be a better choice of perks for Slim. I know that reload speed was always powerful on him prior to Stage 2, but now I’ve seen people use class ability CDR on him. I was wondering why. His healing burst primarily recharges from his leech gun. Surely the ‘passive’ recharge speed won’t have that much effect on it?


Some believe, I don’t know the maths, that lowering heal burst cool down reduces the amount of hits you need to refill it. I don’t know how significant this is in terms of comparison


I’d imagine that going for a bit of both would be the best idea. But I can’t really give anything other than a bit of theory right now. So take that as you will.


Theyre probably thinking it still works like it did in the original game when reload affected class cooldowns. In that version class cooldown just lowered the total time it took to recharge the ability, so it helped slim alot.

If it doesn’t work this way Id look into capacity as well.


Meh. A shorter reload ruined the 3 burst per clip cycle. I always went DR and go facetank.
Whether you should pick Class CDR depends on how it works. If it actually sets the reload time to 20 * (1 - value) then it should be insanely powerfull and enable you to get 1 healburst with only 2 shots. But if it only speeds up the recharge by x%, it be be worth it for a more reliable 3 burst per clip cycle.


If you’re focused on reducing the heal burst to a minimal cooldown, then just go class cooldown.

Each hit by slim reduces the burst cooldown by a percentage. So a lower overall cooldown = less shots actually needed.

Bigger clip/reload speed = same amount of shots needed, just the ability to burst and reduce it a little again without reloading as long.