Reload Speed is still bugged


I’m pissed, even with all the patches Reload Speed still doesn’t affect all 4 abilities, why is it so hard to fix one single perk? Not to mention Behemoth still freezes the game, Super Soldier is still bugged, bodies are still falling through the map. Where are the bug patches? All I see are balance patches while the bugs are getting ignored.


Do you use a console?


Yes. 10 chars


Agree I been saying same thing it’s like they think we’re all stupid,let’s send out lots of hot fixes and we will cover over the fact that we ain’t even hurrying to actually patch the game with a proper TU.

Now I know these TU take time with certification but evolve on ps4 is loooong overdue a TU not silly little hot fixes that only effect cyber trolls who think everything is OP even flying is OP to them with a jet booster