Reload Speed (H) Decreased to 15%, 20%, 25% (was 15, 2, 30)


I play on xbox one and this character perk has a bug i think
since the last update this perk make the arena mobile more longer to be active
we try with my team and we have to wait 1min 15sec with the perk and one min without it.
what the problem please?


Confirmed here:


when will they fix it exactly ?
im french so i don’t understand everything on the text


Next micropatch. Roughly 2 weeks from now.


Well that’s the bad news. It’s apparently not a game-breaker according to TRS, so no special hotfix or anything. Next micropatch, so 2-3 weeks.


It’s suggested to avoid the perk in the meantime.


ok thanks but its a bad trip for sunday esl it change a lot of things!!