Reload speed bugged with healing burst


without reload speed =22 sec

with reload speed =28 sec

thanks for the nerf lol

@MacMan @MrStrategio

Don't use reload speed perk
2.0.6/2.3.6 Hunter Changes Discussion

Can confirm, tested it. My stop watch actually says 28 seconds with reload speed ^^


Confirmed on PC.
Who tested those changes before they got released…
I assume it’s +25% cd on the healburst instead of -25% now. Other class abilities not tested yet.
Rip medic


Might be a tuning change that needed accompanying code. Checking now.


This is on par with their record of QA testing. Working as intended.

IF there is a fix to come, we can expect it approximately May 30th right? Similar to the Kraken movement bug that got fi…oh wait.


Just tested it locally, 17 seconds.


ive tryed it also with support cloak

without reload speed =30 sec cd
with perk =37.6 sec so i guess its 38


Yep just tried it with Val, reload Speed - it adds time instead of subtracting it. If you need videoproof, i can shortly make one!


same thing with dome

instead of 60 sec it gets 75 sec

that must be one wrong code line how fast can this be fixxed? it makes the go to perk completly useless


Does this effect the monster too?


Oops looks like someone got the + and - signs wrong :slight_smile:


tested it

works like it should be for monster

warp blast with was 16 and without 20

out of combat


Should just be the Hunter class ability cooldown modifier that’s bugged. Everything else should be fine. Sorry about that everyone.

What happened is there is a code fix that went in months ago that changes the math, makes it more accurate and as a result, the numbers change. We have that code change but you don’t. It’s in the next title update. So the micropatch includes a number based on the new code.

To fix it, we’ll put in a number based on the old code in the next micropatch.

This should only affect the Quick Reloader Perk and the Megamouth Elite Buff when used by Hunters.


how fast can that be fixxed?


I will find out. Probably won’t hear back until tomorrow, but I will prep the files now.


thanks for the quick respond

next micropatch doesnt sound good

its kinda gamebreaking for medic’s shouldnt be that big of a deal for support/support

but its pretty bad for trapper’s and gamebreaking for medics


Don’t worry a month goes by really fast when you’re dead asleep half the time. XD

Great to hear senpai…


Should be other viable perks you can take, yes?


@MacMan while you’re at it, please also fix the Lazarus cloak not being affected at all by reload speed or capacity perks, which has been around for months, yes?


Thanks for the Reply about the Kraken fix (lets hope al goes fine and its in 2 weeks!) about the reload; You can work around it as Caira and Slim i think, but for Val/Laz its really harsh life now - Im sure youll give your best to fix it asap though!!