Reload Speed and Capacity Laz and Hank


So I just need something cleared up. What does reload speed affect on Laz and Hank? I’ve heard people say that reload speed doesn’t grt orbitals back faster. I’ve also heard that reload give laz his burst back faster. Also does capacity affect laz or hanks cloak? Does capacity give Hank more mortars?


Reload Speed decreases the time it takes to recharge the Shield Projector, Orbital Barrage, Laser Cutter, Lazarus Device, No-Trace Sniper Rifle, and the Personal Cloak(laz).
Capacity increases the rounds in the Sniper Rifle, Laser Cutter, and how much the Shield Projector can Shield.

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These people are wrong.

As are these people. (Though in fairness- They USED to be right. This was changed some time ago)


And nope.



Questions answered. Can I close this or do you have more questions? :slightly_smiling:


You should take reload with laz since your Cloak recharge alot quick er with it.


I prefer MS due to how quickly you can get out of dodge.


I also took movement speed on him. Then i found out Reload affecting his Cloak Kappa.

ITS alot easyier to time support cloak and laz cloak with reload


One thing to note about battery weapons like the shield/laser cutter is that they have a set recharge time. This means capacity basically gives you a reload boost on battery weapons since they will reload 140 ammo in the same time they would normally reload 100.


I’m good go ahead


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