Reload and Capacity on clipless weapons


How does it work? Does the reload perk make the medgun recharge faster or does it do nothing cause it has no clip and I should use the capacity one?


It recharges faster, I believe :slight_smile:


The reload perk makes the medgun, lighting gun, jet pack booster (weapons with batteries) recharge faster yes. I’d recommend experimenting with different perks to see what suits your playstyle best though. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot. Oh, since I’m asking: does the speed boost perk augment your jatpack dodge speed too? I mean it would be pretty useless otherwise.


I think movement speed only increases your running speed not your jetpack boost speed. It’s still really helpful nontheless.


Movement speed does not.

There is a new peek that increases Jetpack boosting. I dunno if it’s out yet though.


it doesn’t there’s a new separate perk for that, movement is actually a very good and consistent perk. Offers great use out and in combat for roaching and covering.


I’m new and probably wrong, but dont you do it better with the jetpack recharge perk? I mean, the speed boost gives you about 7%, but the jetpack recharge let you chase more quickly and is far more useful in combat.


I would say it’s down to preference really. I’m a huge fan of jetpack recharge, but other people enjoy movement speed.