Release time


Sorry, I know this question has been kind of asked before. But do the Devs have an official time that we will be able to play multiplayer, and will it release at the same time globally or will it release at midnight based on your timezone? Basically if its not gonna be up until the morning I don’t wanna sit there at midnight wandering if they are gonna go live when I could get preparation sleep in so I don’t have to sleep for the next few weeks :slight_smile:


I’d like to know this too, specifically for digital pre-orders.


12:01 AM PST. 10 bleeding chars.


10 bleeding chars? sorry im not sure what you mean by this?


And thanks for the answer :slight_smile:


me either haha. So cryptic!


Yes, that’s it.


The forum has a ten character minimum requirement for posting, he wrote this to get over the minimum character count, as in… “this post is OVER ten char(acter)s now!” ^.^


10 Chars refers to the rule saying that a post has to have ten characters in it. Bleeding is an insult of sorts. So saying 10 chars is just a filler to make the post large enough. 10 bleeding chars because it’s annoying.


A common way to prevent spam or low quality posts on a forum is to establish a required set amount of characters in a post. Each letter represents a character. I’m confused though, 'cause I thought numbers counted towards the character requirements. Ah, oh well!

P.S. I’m not worried about TRS releasing the game and opening the servers on time. What I’m worried about is Steam goofing and not letting players play the game on time :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S.S. o.O Well, now you have three answers towards the mystery of the “10 bleeding chars” :stuck_out_tongue:


How do you know it is 12:01 PST? I can’t find anything on the website that states that.


I remember seeing it on the forums, specifically when the Beta server times were announced.


It just seems a bit strange that the information on what time it is going to be released is so hard to find.


According to Steam it releases at 6pm GMT on the 10th of February which is 10am PST on the 10th.


Here is one of the articles. It is with regards to the XBone so it may differ on other platforms, but generally most games that have digital copies ‘unlock’ 12:01 PST.

Here is the important part of the article.

Game Description: To pre-order this game please select one of the pre-order editions from the Xbox Store. XBOX ONE GAME EXPECTED TO RELEASE ON 2/10/2015. YOU MAY DOWNLOAD THE GAME FROM XBOX LIVE BEFORE THEN, BUT IT WILL NOT BE PLAYABLE UNTIL 12:01 AM EST ON THE RELEASE DATE.


The Xbox Digital Download claims it will be available at 12am EST, not PST, but I’m not sure what is reliable anymore given all the misinformation around the launch of this game…


Oh ya, I guess it does show EST. I dunno. XBone has had so much odd shit with this game that who knows. Maybe they get like 12 hours early access. Either way, the game comes out on the 10th :smiley:


It says on my xbone that the game will be playable 12:01 GMT, im uk. Id love an anwser from the devs if they even know the answer haha


@Damjess Do you know when the servers go live on Feb. 10th, whether it regional based, platform based or universal? Thanks in advance! :smiley:


On the same note, will the game be available for pre-load on all of the platforms?