Release more press copies?


I think they gave them to the more active members of the community.
They did give out press releases to a bunch of streamers and youtubers before and let some of them get extra copies to give to their friends so they could play in full lobbies, but I think this and that are two different things


I really like the fact that many gaming related sites start ditching the stupid numbers system which you can’t utilize at all.

Good games this days are consideres 8-10, bad ones start at 6, ok-ish games are a 7. So why even use a scale from 1-10? …


Simple, TRS employees give you keys if you suck up to them enough.

Unless I get one despite only arriving here a day ago, in which case you get it for being as awesome as a hand grenade in a McFlurry machine.


So I’d give Evolve a 9,171234 / 10

give me a key naow plz :kissing_cat:

like that? :wink:


Not enough click bait. Fail :smiley: You need something like this…

Evolve Sucks… 00000000000000000000000000000.1/10

J/K, now that I have your attention. This game is easily 10/10. Unless you are a kid. In which case it is in 11, because you shouldn’t have money and you should support things that older people like more.


Clickbait enough? :smiley: (let me know if that image is forbidden or something :expressionless: , I just used it cause it was all over the interwebs already)

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I would put that image in spoiler tags. Thats not too appropriate without a warning.

And yes, that would be clickbait :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha I totally forgot about spoilertags.
Thanks for the edit :wink:

Edit: this forum software is amazing what the hell is it and why isn’t anyone else using this :open_hands:


I really like this forum type as well. The only other website that uses it that I know if is for my Netrunner LCG fix. That was the first site I saw this type of forum threading. This was the second. I hope it picks up tbh. SOOOO much easier to have actual conversation.


I’m a doctor. I need early access to Evolve for medical reasons. My patients need to see me playing this game. It’s a matter of life or death.


I’m pretty sure if you get evolve your patients will die of neglect


I still have a ton of Beta footage to upload along with coop stuff but if anyone wants me to stream to my 300+ audience then I’ll be happy to do so :slight_smile: I’m going to be doing it release and onwards anyway, so thankfully my patience is solid haha.


I remember when video games didn’t get streamed before they were released.

I remember when the definition of stream had to do with bodies of water.