Release more press copies?


Nobody seems to be streaming the game. Me and I’m sure others on the forums would love to watch some streamers twitch the game. Yet, nobody that has it is consistently active. Could you possible give more copies to people that will give us a chance to check out the game?


There’s a bunch of people on the forums that are waiting for their Pre-release key, actually.

We’re impatient to get them!


I would love this, but I’m a pessimist.


Once those are out, it will be difficult NOT to find someone streaming Evolve


I’m journo, here’s my credentials…

For some reason I’ve not received my press copy for streaming either.


Was beginning to wonder if somehow missed my mine but I guess they haven’t gone out yet. Hopefully in the next day or two we’ll get them.

I’m going to be putting up videos (mostly Goliath gameplay probably) on youtube @Smith_Wesson as I’m sure others will too. Don’t have the bandwidth to stream but some good games on youtube should help to get your Evolve fix! :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here. I’m REALLY hoping I get it at least by Thursday as I have that day off. Going to put some videos together about how to play as & counter against allt he classes/monsters when I’m not grouped up.


I think what Turtle Rock is trying to tell you guys is that, you’re not popular enough to be considered press :smile:



I will most likely not be able to stream but I can assure you I’ll be getting in with those that can. Once the peeps who actually love the game get their preview copies, they’re going to be streaming it A LOT, and getting together with others that have the preview build to join games. It has been very disheartening to see so few people streaming such a wonderfully awesome game as this. They are sooo missing out and they don’t even know it!


I hope to see some community members stream!
Remember to send me your twitch link, no matter who you are!
I won’t get a copy, so somebody have to pick up my slack!


Searched evolve on Twitch, most results are Halo: Combat Evolved. No one is streaming. This, can not be allowed.

Well made my account, ready for the 10th…unless a miracle happens before then.


I think it’s because most streamers that are popular focus more on games that the public currently really wants that don’t suffer much in the way of controversy…and with the DLC issues, there’s a lot of mixed feelings with Evolve they may want to steer clear of? That or they simply have so many games to play for streaming they have to keep their game plays on a rotation. I dunno.


I agree- ‘popular’ streamers aren’t interested in Evolve because they are of questionable taste and disreputable character. I may be hearing only what I want to hear at this point.


“Exclusive To All Newspapers”? Who makes news exclusive? Or if they do, to all newspapers?


I"m a news journalist. Here’s me at the job.


Willing to boot up my stream again for all of my 33 followers for early access to Evolve.
I know it’s a tough call, but what’s important to take from this here is the sacrifice I’m willing to make.
And with a little sweet talk, I MIGHT even consider making some friends to accompany me.


How does one apply for this kind of stuff? :smile:

I’m running a little stream with ~20 followers (peak was 80 viewers hell yeah xD) and would love to show this game to people.

Lol I guess I won’t be the only one ^^


Did 2K remember to pay IGN and Gamepot to give their game a 9.8/10?
Otherwise it will only get a 6.5 because they are mad you didn’t pay them, but can’t totally pan a great game without losing sheep.


I would have really hoped we, as a gaming culture, would get out of the scoring system using numbers. Everyone sees numbers differently. 5/10 for instance to me is an ok game. Not bad, not good. However, most people think 5/10 = a 0. 8/10 means it is merely ok. People are stupid when it comes to numbers. If I ever had a gaming website I would abolish any articles that tried to ‘rate’ subjective opinions with a numbered value.

Simply list pros, cons and games of a similar nature to the one you are playing for a general idea of how it plays out.