Release evolve. Any video requests?


Currently reinstalling vanilla evolve offline, is there anything you guys would like to see?


Goliath stage 1, 3F. S2, 2LS 1C. S3, 2R, 1C
Fight hank caira markov dasiy.

Be any hunter against wraith


Wraith supernova decoy spam


Hate as hard as you can.


Cabot’s OP rail canon

Val’s poor healing I wanna compare it to what it is now


You cant really compare it since monsters got their 3 point damage nerfed and 1 and 2 points buffed a bit


Who’s comparing?

BTW guys I got the videos mentioned taken I just need to put them together. and to go from release evolve to current, the update size is 14 gigs on xbox


Because fuck Maggie lol. So when I took your vid I thought it said val :confused: sorry.


Not sure what you meant by this. Just so you know lol.


Ummm there is no Torvald or Sunny right?

Because I really miss Torvald’s OP insta mortars and Sunny’s hlaf map jetpack booster


Nope. Only up to tier 3. Already have the update loading again anywayl


Damn, oke np thanks anyways


NP man. I will probably do it again soon.


Cabots rail gun

Val healing throughout match


Vs. Wraith. (Have to know when to not throw domes)


Tried to use supernova decoy, on as much as possible. Stage one could take out elite 4 meats w/o moving.


fall throught the map