Release date questions


I know the date is October 21, but I have some questions for the dev team related to that, such as

(1) How did you come to that week, (I say week cause I know Tuesdays are convenient)

(2) Why are four other games released that same week? (Evil Within, Battlefield Hardline, Samurai Warriors 4 and Fantasia: Music “Evolved” ;))

  1. From that date on, what are the estimated times for DLC production (ready for Xbox One’s early access)


Because Evolve is going to own all of them! :smile:


Not sure what the DLC release dates are. We only know that we get to make some, but don’t have pricing and dates yet. @PTGameGeek might have some insight as to why games come out on Tuesday. Seems to be a thing.


When you do make the DLCs please don’t separate the playerbase between the have and the have nots. L4D2 is such a loved and ever lasting game because everyone gets to enjoy the DLC, no one is left out.

I think all map DLCs should be free, but if you really must charge a dlc then I suppose you can charge extra monsters, hunters, skins, hats, and what not. Like perhaps having a “Monster pack DLC” and “Hunters pack DLC”.

But never ever a payable maps DLC. Most games with payable map dlcs have their playerbase shattered and scattered. Perhaps have a look at Payday 2 to get a glimpse on how to make proper DLCs. They have payable map dlcs but everyone can join and enjoy those maps as long as the host has them.


Turtle Rock have already said maps will be free, and you’ll be able to play against DLC hunters/monsters. You just can’t play as them unless you buy them


that’s good to know! :slight_smile: