Relay fights. WARNING- may contain traces of FLAME

And if the monster manages it then the hunters only have themselves to blame :smile:

how about the monster only gets a buff if the hunters are in the same spot for over 2 minutes?

It could work that way, but I dislike the idea that it’s so abstract to the gameplay of the monster. I feel it wouldn’t be hard for hunters to ensure that they weren’t “in the same spot”.

The margins on what constitutes an engagement could be small, not involve a dome, be based on damage dealt as I said above. For example it would need to be a margin high enough that people couldn’t just take pot shots with Cabot from afar, but low enough that a hunter team giving chase to a monster could negate the bonus being applied by giving a basic level of pressure.

That’s not really for now though. I’ll make a new thread for this though…

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I actually like this idea. annoys me when the monster gets stage 3 and everyone just goes “hunts over, to the relay!”

a lot of premades do this, especially on orbital drill with the “god dome”, once you nearly kill someone they run into the relay house and heal up. super cheesy game mechanics.

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Made a thread to discuss options


True I feel like the current setup try’s too much to speed it up in a bad way it should be stop it from getting stage three or we are gonna have a really hard time not oh it’s stage three yay it stops running.

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It would be fun if only the environment near the relay was destructible at S3 to avoid these types of set ups which I’ve also come across frequently. With possibly heavier attacks like warp blast and lava bombs breaking high narrow perches. It would make each fight different and unpredictable…I’ve been cheesed this way many times and I practically know at the beginning of one of these fights that it’s not able to be won.

P.S. Laz ruins the game lol

You can insta kill Laz with Wraith once you put a strike on him .-.

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They essentially made stage 3 monsters weaker with the decrease in burst damage and against “trap team” ( we used to run this comp alot) its hard to get strikes and setting up at relay is the eventual goal.
I think @Insane_521 and @TheGuidance ran this squad a lot early on when wraith was really popular. I wonder what they think about this issue now.

The only thing that I found worked when I ran against my team when they were this comp was isolation. This means that landing a long range abduct is key. Behemoth arguably needs three points in tongue and rock wall. Goliath doesn’t really have that ability so he needs 3 in flame to destroy traps, turrets and mines. Its a tough strat to counter as monster now.

That’s what I mean a organized group can wreck without much effort besides positioning which the monster can’t avoid.

To give people an idea how prevalent this is: I played 5 games as wraith last night. All in silver. Two were pubs and the other three were either weak premades or pubs with mics because they had communication. Of the three 2 camped the relay. Once after I killed the trapper for the second time at s2, and the other from the outset. 2/3 is ridiculous! On another note it’s funny how bad the other medics are at camping compared to laz.

It’s most likely to do with most wraith players just decoying and fleeing. Why chase them and risk health to wildlife when you can just wait for the same inevitable encounter.

Decent wraith don’t flee because they know they need strikes. Decoy is a crutch against weak teams but will get you killed against good teams. By this I mean I always have a single point in decoy, but any more at s2 limits your damage dealing. If you need to break a siege at s3 decoy is good

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Well that’s a issue with any stealth capable character just look at supports and lazerus they will cloak and run at start of loseing battle. Wraith is squishy so if it starts looking bad or was domed at low armor then decoy hideing is reasonable. But while it’s annoying it’s how they were built to be played.

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sounds to me that you fucked it up.
Im sorry if im wrong cuz I havent seen the match but with what you just said you could just ended it at s2.
1 strike on lazerus. So you had him down by just losing 1 bar of health so far?
Whenever I have laz down I just finish him and go fo the rest.
But I assume you just downed someone and ran away, right? (correct me if I am wrong)

He’s down and the rest have legged it. I managed to knock him miles away from them so the assault and support are now nowhere to be seen. The trapper has been dead for ages (used as laz bait) so the drop ship will be returning them both in 45s. Normally in this case I would go and rearmour then come back and flatten them. No point in trading health chasing the rest when I could armour and buff up. At least this was the plan. I thought I had their measure considering the ease of getting laz the first time. In retrospect you are maybe right but I couldn’t guess they would just head to the relay.

Again I forgot to hit reply. Apologies for spam

You can still prettymuch guarantee his death without Hank/Sunny thanks to permastun, but not everyone knows how to pull those off. :stuck_out_tongue: Not all matches are high level play.