Relay fights. WARNING- may contain traces of FLAME

To cut what could be a long rant into a short rant I’ll try to set the scene quickly. There is a point to all this.
Me: wraith (valiant, heroic etc)
Them: laz bucket markov maggie ( cowardly silver master premade)
Map: rendering plant

The jist: 6 mins into the game I have a strike on laz and maggie with a bar of health lost from the evolve dome. Things are going well. They then proceed to abandon the hunt and turtle up on the rock formation near the relay. After a 20 min siege they emerge victorious, but it’s a close thing.

This is absolute nonsense. My premade do this to me too, the argument being ‘of course you want us to chase you, if we chase you you will win’. In the current state of the game I feel s3 is wraith and bobs weakest stage which is absolutely garbage and goes against the whole point of the game. Bunkering in at the relay using deployables and just waiting from 6 mins because they know the clock is against me should not be the optimum strat versus wraith. The one thing I will give them is that the trapper was further away from the group so when I moved over the rocks to attack them, the resultant 1 sec dome cut off my retreat back behind the rocks which was great positioning. Still I feel I more than had their measure; this was an anti wraith ‘set piece’ they had practiced. Kraken would have flattened them.
Rant over. Thoughts?




How is this cowardly? This is a very offensive AND defensive group.

The play style. As mentioned at length. They used it purely for defence. Not blaming the characters

This happened to me multiple times, and it’s the worst thing ever as wraith, you’re trying to lure the hunter out but you find out “oh look they’re at the relay”.

this completely ruins the concept of hunt.


That’s Wraith’s weakness, she’s less strong at relay fights. Personally I don’t think its really their fault. I mean, it was the best thing for them to do, so they did it.


Well yes. And everyone should play kraken, but that’s not really the point. In a game called hunt, if you have an advantage not to bother hunting then there’s an issue.

As a monster player against a potentially good team there is always that nervousness until you first fight them which resolves into either ’ ok they ARE really good this is going to be hard’ or ’ phew it’s ok I’ve got this’. I had very much the latter with these guys. Picked them apart the first s2 fight with them chasing. So they defaulted to the easy anti wraith win.

Edit: Meant to reply to OP instead, don’t know how to fix it.

Try Weather Control as Goliath against Sunny/Abe/Val. The pedestal in the middle takes Goliath oh… 4 seconds to climb because of it’s height. Half the time you try traversing to the top Goliath will just bounce off and then slow fall even if you are holding down climb. The platform is conveniently large enough that all the hunters can stand on it without clumping together yet conveniently small enough that they can all benefit from Val’s heal burst.

The uneven nature of the pedestal means you can’t really use Charge to clear them off. The distance from one side of it to the other is large enough that your LS and RT telegraph means no decent hunter is going to get hit. FB can largely be ignored when those two abilities aren’t mixed in with it.

The only one you can knock off is Sunny because anyone else just gets boosted right back up. If you do knock her off she goes invis in the air flying off to who the hell knows where, only to be back in a few seconds. Focus Abe or Assault and they have shields, jetpack boost and Val’s crazy single-target healing. Focus Val and she has shields, jetpack and burst. Focus Sunny and she has shields and Val’s crazy healing (with burst she can outheal freaking Stage 3 monster damage!!). AND, this is before they even start exploiting the platform by roaching up and down the sides or running around one of the two amazing loops at the bottom.

My brain literally hurts right now :frowning:
Relay fights need a serious update for Hunt 2.0. S3 monsters, even at FULL health and ARMOR are getting laughed at by premades at relays.


I think they would have kept chasing me if it was them that got the ‘phew’ sensation. This is a poor meta.

This is only because Wraith can’t do a thing against a good team that’s turtling, really. A Goliath or even a Behemoth in his new state and obviously a Kraken would’ve won.

Against any of those Hunt IS a Hunt, because if you let them get to S3 untouched they will murder you.

As our man said gol can have problems, and bob can def be cheesed on certain relays. The statement wraith can’t do anything against turtling, when turtling is so easy, shouldn’t exist.
The other thing with this team is that I got the impression their plan was turtle. Felt like they had practiced on the relay.

Agreed on that. ._.

Turtling is just absurdly strong against anything but a Kraken, really.


Yes. Pretty much the entire point of the thread

Don’t know why this is the case, tbh. You chased. You screwed up. He massively outplayed you. But here’s a win anyway because cheesing is ridiculously easy. ._.


I think it’s how the relays are set up

Yeah, but…It’s not fair, IMO.

Well no it’s garbage. I mean, I don’t want wraith to be buffed to the stage she’s the easy pick, but her lack of ranged attacks and health pool means she really struggles against an entrenched team. Her kit is built around hit and run which doesn’t fit into a relay fight, regardless of the health buff

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Then if they won, you got outplayed :confused:

That’s an interesting metric to go by. I would probably agree with you in this case. They bunkered well and got away with an extremely narrow win. The point however is how easy the strat is. Also how damaging it is to the whole design of hunt.

Behemoth who won by roll spam outplayed their opponents? If it’s purely by winning then sure.

If you knew they hunkered down at relay, why go S3? Fight them at every stage, get strikes, win. Never go S3 if it means fighting on their terms.