Relatively New to Val, some pointers please?


So I only played Val just enough to get to Laz and same to get to Caira. When I first played Caira in Beta, something about her made me like her, probably her personality. Anyways, so I’ve gotten pretty good with Caira and have gotten pretty decent with Laz. Now I’m focusing on Val and from my understanding she is the hardest of the 3 to play due to her vulnerabilities and high priority by the Monster. Are there any experienced Val players out there willing to give me tips?


I’d say focus on tranqing and healing, only put weak points on the monster when your team is full health.

I’d recommend using quick switch so you can quickly between tranqs and heals.

Also if you can try and stay up on a high point above the melee, this way you have more LOS to heal your teammates, and it’s easier to run away from the monster.


I don’t claim to be a great Val player, and if you’re experienced with Caira and Laz you understand the healer role.

I think the only time Val is not at a disadvantage is when you have Hank on your team. Her skillset alone without the help of Hank’s shield isn’t enough to keep a team alive against a good monster.

The other thing that makes her tough is for maximum effectiveness, you have to be able to swap weapons quickly and land quick (tranq and weak point) snipes efficiently.

Since @Magik_boom got his post up before I finished… :smirk: … tranq and heal, snipe when you have those under control.


Always be on the alert, monsters love to target you.

Learn to juke well. Caira has accel field and Laz has cloak so you can afford to be a little less skilled when using your jetpack. However, Val has only her heal burst, whether you survive or not depends on whether you are dodging the monster well.

When monster focuses you, tranquil the shit out of it while applying the above.

If you have Markov in your team, go towards his mines.
If you have Bucket in your team, go towards his sentries.
If you have a support in your team (that isn’t bad), get near enough to be cloaked.

Pick a good high point. One that allows you to continue healing your teammates while they get flung around by the monster is good.

Note that all the above points applies to all medics as well except the tranquil part.


every piece of equipment is long range. just stay back. no reason to get in a fight.

heal is most important. then tranq. then armor piercing.

DONT neglect armor piercing rifle. help your team out with those weakpoints, just not too many. i usually do 2-3.

always be tranqin