Relationship with wildlife


Maybe that’s me, but after seeing the interactive trailer and the IGN vs Kraken videos, I was wondering if some wildlife are more afraid of Goliath than Kraken, for example…

Since Kraken seemed to have troubles with trapjaws, and Goliath appears on a picture with “Reaper minions”.

If not, it would be cool…


It would be cool. The picture of Goliath with the reavers attacking in front of him, I have for my desktop wallpaper (I love that screenshot) and it looks like he’s stage 3 so it is probably based on what stage you are at.


Sounds cool! May I see your wallpaper?


I think it was this one :


Oooooh neat! I think I’ll go ahead and use that as my wallpaper too! :thumbsup:


I have this as my wallpaper, icons and stuff fit lovely across the left side


Actually I noticed that it looks like Dune beetles are afraid of Stage 3 monsters ^^
Funny !