Relationship Thread


So I’ve seen some variation on this thread on other forums and wanted to see if our good forum has any good stories. Did you meet your significant other through a shared interest in video games (or, even better, Evolve)? Share your story!


We didn’t meet through video games, but I did use Left 4 Dead to propose. :slight_smile:


How kind of you. ^.-


And no, I don’t intend to engage in a relationship. ^.^


As a lonely single fellow, I don’t have a good tale of my own, but I’ll share how my friend met his fiancé:
Kevin and I were spending our Friday night kicking back and playing some Halo 3 matchmaking. We dropped into a lobby and, as we customarily would do, asked if anyone else was mic’d up. After a momentary rustling, the most angelic voice you’ve ever heard comes back with “Hi there! I’m Jules!” (Keep in mind, I was an objective third party (as I was dating someone at the time) and even I thought her voice was incredible- bright, warm, and with a hint of Britishness- kind of like Emily Blunt. We played a round of team slayer (Jules ended up leading our team in kills), then we were knocked back to the main menu. Kevin turns to me and goes “so do you think we’d just be those annoying guy’s who hound girl gamers if we were to invite her to party up?” and as I say “naw, what do you have to lose?” I swear I remember having a feeling of having put something big into motion. Long story short, we played all night, friended up, met in person a few months later (and she turned out to have a figure that matched her voice), they fell hard for each other, and will be getting married this summer :smile:


Oh my god that is so friggin awesome dude!


Single and not ready to mingle cuz I have social anxiety ^.^


Got to be careful- Illumniati always try to get you when you’re emotionally vulnerable… I SHALL NEVER LOVE!




Lies, everyone falls for it one day :stuck_out_tongue:


I met my boyfriend over WoW, we’ve been together for about 4 years now.
I moved to another country just to be with him. x) (From England to Sweden)


I met my girlfriend in class this year on the first day of school. I walked in and the teacher sat me next to her and I was being a lil fukboi and I said, “Sup girl? I’m Tate, but you can call me any time.” and she just rolled her eyes at me and looked away. She wanted absolutely nothing to do with me for the longest time.

Ah, memories.


and that’s the day they get you… my friend Kevin is DOOMED! DOOMED I SAY!


See! Obnoxious overconfidence- the sure way to any girl’s heart! It’ll gett’em every time :wink:


Wow, that is such a cheesy pick up line :laughing:


Oh, I have way better ones. I was trying to sound cheesy.




Yeah I met my girl through COD Ghosts back in the day. She only lives 2 hours away and we’ve been together for almost a year and a half. She is something else I’ll tell you that. Plus she was a volleyball player back in highschool so she’s got that volleyball player booty :wink: