Rejoining a game after dc as monster


so, just did an evacuation with 3 of my friends against an AI monster, won every match thus far and were halfway in with Defend, and my line dropped, friends told me I still showed as parnell so rejoined only to be forced onto the monster slot as wraith just as time runs out for the monster with no way to change over to assault again, so I lost all my evacuation xp that I damn well earned, and then the game froze before any of the xp or stats were shown and needed to restart my pc to actually close evolve. so now tell me trs, what the actual ****? why can’t I resume my previous position? why was I forced into monster without any option to go over to hunter side, and why do I forfeit my hard earned winning evacuation xp because I was disconnected for 2 minutes?? when is this getting fixed?? honestly. almost lost a screen today because of such an absurdity