Rejoin a game I was playing


Sometimes, you get kicked from a game when you are playing with your friends an Evacuation campaign, it’s already annoying because you are going to loose some bonus etc, but it’s ok, it’s about the fun.

What itches me, it’s, every time I get kicked out and my mates invite me back my only choice it’s to play as a monster, unless my mates just wait to end a round and on that precisely moment send the invite so once I load the game again I’m on the select character screen.

tl:dr: It’s there a way to rejoin a friend game as a hunter!?If not please add it.


Are you playing on PC?

Because if so I was able to select join game off my friends profile after I got disconnected and get back into the game


I’m playing with XboxOne, and if I select that user and join I ll join as Monster, and if my friend invite me back I’ll rejoin as Monster =/


Because another player was shunted into your previous role? Or was it still a bot?


Yeah, if you’re xbone than most of my help will be useless.
I hope you can find a way to do this, or TRS introduces one


It was a bot, we play custom games(private lobby), with 4 people,Monster AI. =/


Well that’s stupid. :confused: And why would it kick you out of customs? Were you the party leader or was your buddy?


Usually I’m the party leader, and out of nowhere I’m kicked out of the game(CTD)